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Thursday, 07 June 2018


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Cameras, cameras, cameras, cameras.

[Also, cameras. --Mike]

"I was curious about the real-world differences between a 24-MP FF sensor and a 24-MP APS-C sensor...", and then? Where is the comparison? I read that to be about image goodness/betterness. Is there a second part to your post?
Grump, grump.

[As we say in the photography field, I'll get a round Touit. --Mike]

Dagnabbit! Now I really have to get one!!!

If this was a car you would say that it's not flashy but it starts every morning and takes you where you want to go. And the seats are really comfortable. And the radio sounds great.

I did have an X-T2 for a while and have to agree with most of your opinions.
The thing is that thinking about it makes me even more inclined to try an X-E3, especially with the smaller f 2.o lenses....

Er, I'm obviously missing something here, Mike. If it's so d@mn perfect, why are you getting rid of it?

Err ... you lost me there. I'm missing the bit where you say why sold this wonder of a perfect camera.

Wouldn't challenge anything you said concerning the X-T2, but the X-T1 (the very ethos of either camera) is such an image making value right now- new or used!

The obvious question being - why did you sell it?

Makes one wonder why you decided to get rid of the X-T2 and keep the X-T1.

'Course I recently bought a used X-Pro2 and it has a lot going for it over my X-Pro1 cameras. Yet I have no intention of getting rid of any of the X-Pro1's.

And yet you sold it egardless? (scratches head)

I don't understand...
You sing its praises as the perfect digital camera and then you depart with it. The XT-1 has to have some advantage over the XT-2, otherwise, why would it be your choice?
Or was it a purely financial decision? If that was the case, an even better financial decision could have been keeping the XT-2, selling the XT-1 and not buying into M4/3 :)

Wow! In the XT-2 it seems we had the nearly perfect camera - EXCEPT no IBIS - which you didn't mention but I am assuming that is the overriding factor in its going bye bye.

The new system camera on its way has got to have IBIS, right? And since there are IBIS cameras present in all major mirrorless systems - m4/3, APS-C, and FF....we have a mystery on our hands. I'm guessing m4/3.

But then, pray tell, why did you let this nice camera go…?

I'm sure I won't be the only one to ask, but... All that said, why is it leaving you (and why are you keeping an inferior version in its stead – especially given the post about Mk.2 cameras earlier in the week)?

Well, Mike, you've sold me on the X-T2 (What a great salesman!). Maybe when I retire, or the camera goes on sale in the future. Bill

Your tombstone is going to read “In search of IBIS he missed taking some wonderful photos.”

MIke, very accurate observations and comments on the X-T2. I've been using one since the first week they shipped in September 2016, and it's been just an outstanding camera. Actually, the X-T2 was truly a game-changer for me, as it allowed me to sell all my pro Canon gear I used for motorsports photography (which was excellent functionally, but back-breaking in use).

Also agree on your observations about the all the "little things" that Fujifilm improved over the X-T1, refinements to the camera frame, buttons, switches, viewfinder, and control knobs were subtle but significant enhancements to the overall user experience. And the AF joystick is a major enhancement. And then, there's....Acros. Yum, yum.

I kind of think of the X-T2 as "Tony Stark", brilliant, stylish and very, very capable at pretty much anything and everything.

And, when you put the Vertical Power Booster Grip on the X-T2, Tony Stark turns into Iron Man.

Having purchased Fuji's highly-regarded X100s in 2014 which (loved) I sold to buy their X100t, which (loved) I sold to buy their XPro2 which I will NEVER sell, I then purchased their X-T2 last summer when discount-bundled with its grip and their superb, small 18-55 lens, which arrived almost 'free' in that deal. In April, I sold that X-T2 w/ grip to buy the new X-H1, for its IBIS and enhanced video capabilities. Now after 2 months of use, it seems to be a fine camera. However like my XPro2, that X-T2 was a beautifully-crafted jewel, and this latest X-incarnation is not that, imho. Your own mileage may differ. Looking forward to their mid-June firmware update, in hopes of rekindling the missing 'awe'.

My spider sense suggests to me that the sale of the of the Panasonic 12-35 and the foreshadowing of the G9 review means that a G9 with the Pana-Leica 12-60/f2.8-4 is in Mike's future. Especially with all the praise the PL12-60 earned in the "two lens kit" posts.

When it comes to storing useless information about other peoples' gear preferences, it's all up here... *taps noggin*

All this X-T1/X-T2 thing reminded me of the Pulp Fiction scene where John Travolta and Samuel Jackson talk about the “little differences” between Europe and the United States.

Basically, Travolta says “they got the same sh*t over there that they got here, but it's just a little different”.

So, a follow-up question - if you need IBIS, what about the X-H1?

A real nice review, tells most of the important things - I guess we will have the IQ speech later. I just have to mention it though : a "caméra" definitely is a dedicated video cam, always has been. A camera translates as "appareil photo". (Yes it's ungainly, yes it irks me, and yes we should have come up with something better.)

So, it's a guessing game ? Let's see... Given your need for IBIS, and all the praise for the X-T2 and the fuji lenses, I'd say either one of the G9/E-M1.2 siblings or the X-H1. Though I can't see why you'd have kept the X-T1 in the latter case.

You've chosen to let the suspense build, rather than reveal your "new camera system" now.

You're describing what I like about my Lumix LX100. Most of what I care about is out in the open. And it's m4/3. And, I don't have to make decisions about lenses.

I’ve been told by a reliable source that the XT-1 has built in stabilization, but is just not marketed as such. Hope that relaxes you a bit.

I don’t know if what you say is truth or not, but you say it in such a convincing way, almost poetically! By the way, I have the Fuji XE-2 and the 35 mm f2 lens.

All this about the loud shutter. I was under the impression that the a7 had a silent electronic shutter option, which is one of the reasons I'm thinking of upgrading

" like having an aunt who can sing like an opera star but occasionally gives you food poisoning"
Are we cousins?

HI Mike,

OK, not to quibble, but you photographed and enjoyed photography with numerous cameras during your entire youth and early to mid adulthood when there were absolutely no cameras equipped with IBIS, yet now you can't seem to venture forward without it. Me thinks too much emphasis is being placed on the virtues of IBIS. I'm a little older than you, and I can still hold a camera reasonably steady (even focus it manually with worse eyesight than 95% of the population) to get an acceptably sharp image. As you would say...just sayin...

To marcin wuu: Yes, advantage! http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2012/06/in-defense-of-depth.html

Good decision about IBIS, Mike. Even though I don't feel it, and I don't have any yips-like condition, I *know* that, as we get into our 50s and beyond, our ability to hand-hold unassisted falls, and falls, and falls.

We need *every* lens to be assisted-steadiness.

Pictures of digital cameras without a lens or body cap always make me slightly uneasy.

You make me want a camera I know I don't want. Ain't words grand?

Ain't that pretty much the truth.

I must say, although I will deny it if anyone asks, that I like Fujis. Now I totally reject any sorta "magic" nonsense and know for darned sure that there are many other cameras as good or better in overall convenience and flexibility than Fuji including those that aren't handicapped with a lack of IBIS.

I don't particularly like the X-Trans sensor (OK, I don(t like it at all) nor do I have the practiced eye for black and white tonality to see the advantage. Although I find the Fuji 35mm f2 optically everything I need, I ain't all impressed with the durability (or lack there of) of the lens and its fly-by-wire aperture. Plus I completely miss any "synergy" between x-trans sensor magic and Fujicron lenses of any type. (I don't believe in the tooth fairy either.)

But I do like my X-E1. A bare bones simple camera that is a pleasure to use. Even the old buggy--I apologize, quirky---beta version x100 has some odd attraction to me. I can't depart with it although I basically hate the slow, buggy thing.

I have been looking for a new X-T1 and also waiting for the X-T2 price to drop although I don't really need another 16 MP camera (X-T1), and I don't like the faux dSLR hump on top. Totally illogical. But there is something about the ease of use of the Fujis, the familiarity of the controls to us old geezer's who remember film cameras that make them hard to ignore. I hardly ever need to dive into a menu.*

I think that is the "magic" of Fujis. Shame about the IBIS though, as that does significantly hamper most of them.

*To clarify for those who take that statement to extremes: Yes, I access it to make some irregular changes needed for unusual circumstances or for non-shooting functions like sensor cleaning, formatting a card, or setting the EXIF data for an adapted film era lens.

Re: Ken Tanaka’s comment
Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto.

'Essence de Caméra'
B&W - smells like sodium thiosulfate
B&W Sprint -smells like vanilla
Color - smells like blix

After reading Hugh Crawford's "Essence de Camera" comment, I am ready to make a darkroom print. I am like a weather vane spinning in the wind: digital, film, digital, film.... As always I have enjoyed reading the back-and-forth of it all. Bill

I have read many a review of the XT-2 and I have almost purchased one several times. Flaw #3 in your review of the Zeiss Ikon 35mm rangefinder (is that the camera takes film.) works for me in reverse with the XT-2. The only flaw in the XT-2 is that it does not shoot film.

Funny how we bond with our cameras, I feel this way about the Nikon D750, and it's a 2014 model. Still happy with it though.

It's amazing how many awesome cameras there are these days, probably gotta add my ditto to Ken Tanaka's comment, lol.

If you haven't already sent the Sony back, go to Camera menu 2, 4th page. The top item is Silent Shooting, and when you turn it on the Sony goes into stealth mode. That take care of the loud shutter.

The X-T2 has one glaring flaw, albeit common to most mirrorless system cameras: it has an electronic viewfinder.
While digital image capture can fairly be said to have surpassed film in virtually every respect, the same cannot be said for EVFs, at this point, which do not come close to a good optical viewfinder in nearly *any* respect. To my mind, a mediocre view of the subject is a much more serious impediment to photography than lack of IBIS.

[Hi Ari, the EVF is certainly a downside for you, but between individuals it's different. I marginally prefer them over OVFs now, so for me it's a plus. --Mike]

So, obviously you're buying an X-H1.
It's your dream come true (almost, no doubt there's some fly in that ointment somewhere).

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