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Tuesday, 26 June 2018


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Yes please - more yellow

That sounds like fun. You have already reviewed the work and considered other possible edits so the additional work "should" be minimal...said the guy not doing the work.

Before we leave yellow, I stumbled across another nice quote today. This one by Charles Blanc whose name I did not recognize. When I looked at Blanc I ended up back at Van Gogh. It seems Chuck was a color theorist who influenced Van Gogh. Is that weird or do all yellow quote lead to Van Gogh?

"Yellow is the eldest daughter of light." ~ Charles Blanc

Maybe you are just looking at them though a jaundiced eye.


I am personally not that interested, but others might be. Perhaps you could provide a link to a page on an external server, such as Flickr. Just be prepared for the possibility that no matter how many photos you post, some viewers will want to see more, other less. In any case, my suggestion is that you post only as many as you want -- assuming you want to at all -- and leave it at that.

Yes, show others.
Some of your choices are puzzling. Would be nice to see what else you had to choose from.
Am surprised you chose so few from the natural world. Figured it would be more highly represented.

And yes, I did submit for the project. Still would like to get a sense of what else was submitted but more why your selections are what was chosen.

I remember when "the great yellow father" meant something else entirely.

Well, Mike, since your blasted Yellow challenge, I'm now seeing yellow almost everywhere I look. (Yes, I must admit, it may have been your most successful challenge so far.)

Now, how about a July 4th challenge about interesting ways of including the American flag in photographs.

I'd like to see *all* of the submissions in the "it must be color". I've learned to trust my own discretion and value it over any "judge" no matter the level of his experience or expertise. And I'll wager that there are a lot more than a mere 13 photographs in the 300 plus submitted that would delight my eye.

I agree with Gordon Lewis. After reading your post, I thought, why not post all you think appropriate of the entries you receive on a site like Flickr, as long as those who send you their photos agreed to this. It would be fun for me, just saying, to see more. But, it might be too much effort to tag all photos with the name of their source. Also, maybe you could add a folder there of your photos for those of us who can get enough input from the TOP editor and bottlewasher. ;-o

I thought it was a dumb idea (even though I sent a picture in)! I was wrong! Would love to see more, especially the whimsical ones.

I really enjoyed the selection of yellows you posted and would love to see some more.

"he called it mellow yellow..."

However photography is the rendering of colour be
it black and white and tones of grey or the colour spectrum of Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Magenta, Cyan, Violet.

However yellow seems to predominate in our world...

Monet’s Kitchen was painted “yellow... just saying.

I gomore yellow would be bananas

Yes, please show them: I am always hungry to see new images. How else do we expand our world?

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