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Sunday, 10 June 2018


While I have a rather small and subject-specific tattoo on my left forearm, a souvenir of my time as an infantryman in Vietnam Nam, I completely fail to comprehend this recent fashion of defacing one's body with large areas of inky graffiti. Could you ask Xander waz up wi' dat arm of his?

Great! Needless to say, you're sooo right - imagine the opposite: 'Though I unfortunately had to call off a visit by my son (whom I have not seen since last October, it's true), I can now proudly present my definitive review of the Fucanikon XL-M with its fantastic 54 MP sensor, its game-changing Genius III processor and its fully overhauled joystick. Photography will never be the same again, and neither will I.'

It’s weird to see the writers I follow... “he has a little son... who, uhm, just went to college... and now has three kids...”

Good for You! Enjoy every moment.
-Nice Corning Glass Pic.

Thanks for this Mike. You and Kirk Tuck are proving to be healthy influences. Thanks to this series I've dusted off a manuscript and am pounding out 1000 decent words a day during the week. Thanks to Kirk I'm cycling again and getting up to 100 km a week-long short of the 450 a week I used to Do, but even so.

An early Happy Father's Day, Mike!

Philip Roth said “don’t write, remember”. If you don’t embrace your family every chance you get then what are you going to have to remember?

"V" for Victory? Is the kid a WWII enthusiest?

As a parent of a 50-year-old and a 42-year-old, I can relate for sure.

As Suze Orman says, of life's priorities, "People first, then money, then things."

I remember coming to visit when Zander was a wee babe. As a matter of fact, me holding him at a mere one month is one of my favorite pictures. And, another favorite shot is Zander at age four at my wedding holding (instead of the ring box he was to bear) the tupperware box with a moth inside. He had named it "Moth-y" and he was very serious about its care. Family matters indeed. Much love to you both.

*Xander! :)

Xander all growed-up! And he sounds like quite a top-drawer person. Congratulations and well-done...both of you!

I love the Brancusi-like image of Xander.

Z looks great, Mike (Or is it "X" now?). You done good!


I sense the loneliness that you feel between last October and Xander's recent visit.

Eight months is a long time...and even eight weeks is a long time. I really don't know how or what to say more to encourage you.

Some might say that our kids are entrusted to us for a period of time and we have the responsibility and a legacy to pass on to them.

Well, I suppose that when our kids remember what we taught them, reflect on the memories of their childhood with us and are able to declare the love that we have shown to them, then fatherhood (or parenthood) can be deemed a great achievement.

Dan K.

I can relate. My eldest is now in Vienna with her husband---so, 8-ish hours by aircraft, 6 hours telephone/video chat difference; the youngest is at Berkeley, 5-ish hours by aircraft the other direction, 3 hours phone/video chat difference. Won't see either one or our splendid son-in-law until Yule...

Nice that you write about family. It matters to me too.

I am familiar with advanced boardgames - often called eurogames - but my son is too young, my wife not interested and my friends too busy with other stuff.

Try El Grande or Citadels. Not too difficult and two of my favorites.

....in response to Daniel-

Xander is flashing one of two salutes: During WWII a knuckles forward salute by Churchill meant "up yours" by working class Brits. Churchill, when told about the faux pas, reversed knuckles towards face. The knuckles forward salute was adopted by the peace movement during 60's as its peace sign- my guess is that Xander's presenting peace signs.

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