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Tuesday, 05 June 2018


I am M43, because of David Thorpe

I'm into "cheap" m43 cameras and the GX9 might well be my next camera (say if my Olympus E-PL7 dies).
I'll therefore be very interested in your opinion on the current (/future) Panasonic products.

Agree on David Thorpe's videos. He is also a pretty engaging writer when wants to be: http://m43blog.dthorpe.net/2016/09/27/the-gentlemans-lens/

Mr. Thorpe: "Unfortunately, I hated my Leicas and hardly ever used them." Wow.

I hope they're listening.

A GX8II should have the G9 sensor, processor, shutter, IBIS, Hi-Res mode, AF system, custom button layout, top LCD, and stacked program/shutter mode dial.

They can omit the exposure compensation wheel as that gets in the way of remotely setting it using the Lumix Link software.

They can keep the excellent tilting eyepiece of the GX8, and put a bit more of a grip on it to take the GH batteries and two SD slots.

I don't want much. I want everything!

I like Thorpe's videos and writing. He actually makes you want to own what he talks about (kind of like that guy Mike Johnston). And the article on "The Gentlemans Lens" that Julien linked to is pretty darn funny. I even found myself wanting that lens.

I was really hoping for a GX8 Mark II myself, but the answer to my wishes appeared in the G-form factor and with a price tag unsuited to my means. (I'm referring to the G9.)

Honestly, though, a G80 with the 20MP sensor would do it for me. At the price I bought mine new I got a lot of camera for my money. The only box it failed to tick was the 20MP sensor that I really wanted. But no camera with that sensor ticked other vital boxes or fit my budget so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm not convinced you can see any real difference under normal shooting conditions between the G85 and the GX8. The difference between the G85 and the GX7 is considerable in low light however. I know because I have both cameras. The only thing the GX8 has that I miss in the G85 is the flippy EVF.

Mike, you might need to switch from the iPhone soon...both the Huawei P20 and the Essential Phone feature dedicated black and white cameras; possibly the solution you've been seeking, viewing on a big clear screen, and shooting dedicated B&W!

The recent comments on diglloyd.com about how reluctant Panasonic are to facilitate repairs to their lenses really put me off the idea of ever buying into their system.

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