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Sunday, 03 June 2018


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After the sale, you can take advantage of this Leica camera/lens/flash bargain...

All this talk on rangefinders and now selling gear..... interesting!

What no love for Canada?

I thought you loved the Fuji - what happened to change your mind / make you need to buy a new camera? Was waiting for the latest iteration not an option? I'm sure you must have a reason, I'm just curious - you sounded so enamoured so often.

[The X-T2 is indeed lovable, very. It's just that I've already got an X-T1 that I'm happy with, and don't need two bodies. —Mike]

You've got everyone on tenterhooks now, Mike. Selling off Fuji bodies and your favourite M4/3 lens? Has the A7 III wormed its way into your heart, or are we being thrown for another loop?

Doggone it. I miss ONE day.. :-(

That X100s is (was) a sweet deal.

Let’s play a game! It’s called “What is Mike Johnston going to buy?” One point for each correct item.

He previously announced he would become a Panasonic user for the IBIS, so assuming he hasn’t changed his mind, I think he’s going to get a G9, a new 20/1.7 (unless he still has his old one), and an Olympus 45/1.8.

I think I’ve discovered what Mike’s planning to buy: the last Leica M3

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