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Saturday, 23 June 2018


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That image by Melissa O'Shaughnessy is what street photography is all about—talk about ‟the decisive moment!”—but I couldn't help wondering why she didn't rotate it slightly to align the windows of the building with the edges of the frame.


Of course, Van Gogh was wrong: the Sun is actually white.

I just went through the 150 or so page instruction book for my camera and couldn't find the "focus pull" setting.

Great choice of images. Some great photographers here.

All quite nice!

Gorgeous pictures.

And good qoute. Vincent is by far my favorite painter, long has been.
Watch Loving Vincent, it’s amazing.
(In fact there’s half a dozen really worthwhile movies about him, but that one is exceptional, being made all out of paintings in his style.)

BTW, personally I would like the pictures to be up to 2k on a side. That would make for great wallpaper if you like them, on modern monitors.

Responding to Speed: "focus pull" means to adjust the focus during the exposure. It's common in video, rare in still photography. Some modern cameras and lenses with focus-by-wire won't allow it when shooting stills, but it'll always work with lenses that focus mechanically.

Hah, small world. Mark Sirota and I raced cars together in the 90s.

Nice work folks. I wanted to say my favorite is....? But I can not. Inspiring photos, all of them.

Inspiring and wonderful. Nice work everyone.

Nice series and congrats to all. I just saw this image by Melissa O’Shaughnessy who I follow on Instagram. Thought you’d enjoy it Mike.


Great pix! Mike, you're a pretty darn good editor, too. I'm partial to #8, by Kurt Kramer. That hot water bottle!

All very interesting interpretations but #8, the bathroom, does it for me. If the criterium had been "storytelling" than this one wins the prize. So much to look at and write about. Lots of detail, lots of content. You could start writing a novel just by looking at this one photo. All in all, great fun. Mike, thank you once again for sponsoring such an interesting event. Just by participating each of us learned a lot about our own photography.

If I might just mention that personally I would prefer to read the contributors' comments immediately beneath their image rather than having to keep scrolling back to the picture each time. A small point, I know.

Previous editions of baker's dozen left me with mixed impressions - a lot of images I liked, but a few that did not move me. Not so this time - I really like every single one of these images. I might not have picked the 13th image, but it works in this set. And while I am not usually big on people pictures, Mr. Reusser's daughter's picture and Mr. Arthur's masks in particular are very nice. But really, great job by all the photographers and great choices by the curator. Well done!

What an awesome collection!

Am I the only one who saw Demuth's "I saw the Figure Five in Gold' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Saw_the_Figure_5_in_Gold (from William Carlos Williams' 'The Great Figure") in Jeff Pressman's submission?

Wow that's a nice group. Kudos to all.

The gams. Yeah.

Mike, great post. It is because of post's like this that I am happy to contribute every month. Keep up the good work. Eric

Regarding Tom’s preference for comments under photos rather than as footnotes, I like the comments together and open the page in another browser and set side by side — best of both worlds ;-) .
(On iPad I do this by opening second copy in Firefox, then split screen and landscape — Chrome doesn’t work.)

Ditto to Eric; Living near Melbourne, Australia, I'm going to hunt for Jeff's pic-- I hope it's somewhere near Southern cross station -(formerly Spencer St)- otherwise I'll be hunting forever-there are a lot of stations! Ta for other link , Nature Lover... All wonderful photos.. especially Darren's lead pic, and Melissa's chance pic. Inspires me to get out on these cold winter days.

Revisited Melissa's pic... saw the yellow cabs on the right!!

Nicely done. The photos work individually and collectively. I particularly appreciate how each photo is not exclusively yellow but the warmth and vibrance of yellow adds the perfect dash of hot sauce.

Excellent choices, Mike. I especially love Keith Poole's image..

Wow , yellow was a great choice for a theme!

It was quite a surprise to find my image displayed on TOP. It made my day.

Congratulations to all the photographers who were selected and a big thanks to our humble Editor.

I really enjoyed viewing this collection. Thank you for initiating this project and curating it. Since we all have different tastes in art, I suspect there are some hidden gems in the ones that were not selected. Is there a way to present the "runners up" so we can see more of the entries? Even a collection of stripes and rubber duckies would be fun to see.

Kramer and O'Shaughnessy for me.

Excellent work.

Thank you.

Wow, I'm really honored to have my aspen photo picked out of all the submissions. Kind of a bucket list of mine to have MJ/TOP say "good job" lol! I've followed your site for years, I consider you one of my main "virtual mentors." I didn't submit comments with my email but basically this was taken at the base of the mountains behind Flagstaff, Arizona (Weatherford Trail), maybe a half mile from the parking area. This was my first real outing with my first real DSLR (Canon 20D) back in 2004. It was a really nice shooting day, I just remember being caught up for hours shooting away at amazing scenery, completely thrilled seeing the photos right away on the screen (film shooter since the 90's), thinking "these frames are costing me nothing" (ha ha, how little did I know how much I'd spend after that on gear), but in the moment such freedom. I don't even completely recall taking the photo. It's one of those shots that jumped out at me afterwards when viewing on my computer, like "I TOOK THIS?!?!?" Thanks again, I'm glad you liked it.

Hi Mike,
A little late to comment on this post, sorry. I am, of course, delighted to be featured in your selection. I sure there are plenty of other photographs that would be worthy of another Baker's Dozen but, these thirteen shots fit very nicely together.
I read in your comments that you saw the suite 3-4-5-6 very early on and it is true that they echo each other.
I am just throwing an idea here that might not be worth its while but why not try to print them together? I'd have no problem volunteering to run a few test prints if the other photographers are in and you would be the focal point/judge on the prints? Or would this take too much of your time for the (little) money it would bring you? I'm not sure myself it's a good idea... just my two cents...
Thanks again for these Baker's Dozen series and the rest of the blog.

Thanks so much for featuring Molly and the nice write up ! The garish gloves are common stock in the medical industry. I use them every day to start IV's so perhaps I'd gotten accustomed to the hue.

Molly remains a beautiful (and quirky) person. She had a short modeling career, with the apex a couple of shots in the newest David LaChapelle book. She's a sun Goddess (or something)... and he pushes the "garish" to eleven !


Nice batch of photos. I particularly like Kramer's bathroom with its beautiful light and idiosyncratic detail and O'Shaughnessy street shot. Good catch.

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