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Thursday, 21 June 2018


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Sales like these just rudely remind me of the phrase, "A day late and a dollar short"

I've noticed before, in several contexts, that I really can't afford to buy things where it's advertised I can save $1000. :-(

It has always been the fight between my natural desire to possess and rationality. The discount is tempting, but then I ask to myself, will it help to improve my photography? and I know the answer is no. Many times in my life I succumbed to the desire to posses. One time, being a happy 35mm user, (Olympus and Leica) I got a new Hasselblad 503 CW with three lenses with which I never exposed more than 100 rolls. I still have it (in a display furniture). None of those approx. 1200 pictures are better than my 35's and my current digitals, (M43) which I normally crop to square format.

$1000 off a million dollars is still not reachable for me so may still be the $8000 starting cost.

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