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Friday, 18 May 2018


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I love the sound of Tina Brooks. Really nice. Thank you for that.

Now for Steve Miller? I thought he peaked with Space Cowboy back in the late 60's. Good song. I guess Fly Like an Eagle was ok but most of his work was not overly original or presented any kind of lasting impressions be it the lyrics or the music itself. Oh and the umm "borrowed" riffs on a song or two was a bit over the top. Just sayin.

Thanks Mike, one of your best. What a story - and thank you for shaming me into clicking through and reading it.

Wow Michael - that "Back on the tracks" swings real hard! Thanks for the tip, man!

Steve Miller has said that he aspired to make hit singles and he succeeded at that. He lived in my neighborhood here in Dallas and I have visited the house under new ownership.There is a large 2 car garage in a detached building with a full second floor that I imagine was a great jam space with enough physical separation to allow a band to blast away without annoyance to others. Steve and Boz were schoolmates in high school here.

I confess a guilty pleasure when listening to Steve Miller. Probably nostalgia, and unlike other pop/rock from my youth (Boston, The Eagles, Aerosmith, The Police, Queen, The Cars) he hasn't worn out his welcome.

I'll definitely check out Tina Brooks.

Tina Brooks didn't have "a woman's name." His name was Harold Floyd Brooks. "Tina" was a nickname from his boyhood.
Anyway, respect for a man who could bring together such disparate musicians as Kenny Drew and Wilbur Ware.

[I shouldn't respond to being baited like that but...it originated as a boyhood nickname. It was also his stage name and professional name and what he was called. Maybe you're a big fan of the famous movie star Archibald Leach? ;-) --Mike]

After listening to Back To The Tracks, I have to say I would pay a lot of money to be able to play piano with the likes of Tina Brooks. I'd also pay a lot of money to be able to play piano like Kenny Drew. However, I have to admit, as a musician, and speaking entirely for myself, the fact I even have any money is, emphatically, due to the day job.

Re. Archibald Leach: are we talking about the actor from 'Monkey Business' and 'I Was a Male War Bride', or the character from 'A Fish Called Wanda'? ;)

[Exactly! :-D --Mike]

The documentary film "The Story of Anvil" is truly worth watching. It's a heartbreaking story of a band that never made it, but with members refusing to give up.

More often than not, those that didn't make it simply weren't good enough. But the amount of hidden treasures are almost infinite - I know that from collecting records for over 30 years.

I just discovered the progressive rock band "England" that released only one album in 1977. 1977 was the year of punk, so the album and band faded into oblivion. Sad, because it was a symphonic prog masterpiece.

Great column Mike. If Tina hadn’t already been an addict, dealing with the Blue Note kingmakers would have driven him to becoming one!
I hope you will write more on this topic in the future. Maybe earlier styles of Jazz too if you have interest. That period doesn’t get the attention it deserves IMHO. Why rock and roll was able to steamroll over Jazz and almost effectively wipe it out is a fascinating question. Swing era it was THE THING.What caused it’s demise? Payola, post war mentality, radios driving public taste....but jazz changed and perhaps left the public scratching their heads. Not a lot of dancing done with later jazz records. Mike the door is open to drive thru...

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