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Tuesday, 15 May 2018


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Photography publications tend to write a lot about hardware which I don't find very interesting -- cameras and lenses aren't something I buy very often. On the other hand, I take pictures almost every day.

I have learned something from each picture in this series -- mostly that I need to work a little harder. Or maybe a lot harder.

My brother-in-law and his parents are farmers in north-central Illinois. One of their crops is sunflowers. Their field is a wonderful spot to photograph in, as you can imagine.

After I had been there for a while on my first visit, I decided to change things up a bit. I stood on top of my van and threw the lens completely out of focus. So here is my landscape photo of 63 acres of sunflowers:

Are we limited to one image per person? Or may we submit more than one?

I hope your e-mail search is not case sensitive. I submitted an entry already and put the subject as BDYellow, not BDyellow. Will that work, or should I re-submit?

[I think you should re-submit. --Mike]

You don't realize how much yellow there is in the world until someone gives you the theme "yellow" to photograph.

"If you want to play, maybe get into the mood by listening to ..."

Or maybe anything by Yellow Magic Orchestra. Or even Yello?

I counted twice and I think you’ve published nine so far. But if you want to publish six more that’s OK with me.

Oh man, good thing it isn’t “make it red” then you’d be in trouble.
I shot the yellow magic orchestra once in 1980, but in black and white.
We used to have an 80 acre sunflower field when I was a teen, and the real impressive thing was how fast they moved. It really made you want to get out in the middle of it at sunrise.

Oooo, a new variation on Bakers Dozen, submit an image and submit a recommended listening track to go with the image.
Hmmm, on second thoughts, it’s hard enough for Mike to curate the images let alone having to curate a Baker’s Dozen sound track. Perhaps I shouldn’t make the suggestion :-)

It would help me if Lightroom were smart enough to handle a search for the color yellow in my 110,000 photographs. No, I'm not good at keywording. Most likely though, if I had one worth using it would be clear in my mind.

Might I also suggest Yellow Magic Orchestra (
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_Magic_Orchestra )as another source of inspiration?

Well, I searched youtube and took a gander at something called, "I am Curious (Yellow)" and am now a bit confused about the type of photo you want.

Searching my gallery, I was surprised on how many photos I had with yellow. Even more surprising was the fact that I actually tagged them with the word "yellow".

Will see if there some worth of submitting, but I'm certain I will have a blast seeing the results of this Bakers Dozen since I have a strong irrational attraction to yellow. It's my favourite color since I was little (not that I wear yellow clothes or drive a yellow car, in fact there's few yellow things in my life, but seeing yellow things just gives me an hard to explain aesthetic pleasure).

I'd love to see Rob's sunflower blur just a tad closer to being in focus to almost recognize what we are looking at.
I like the effect.

Let's not forget Frank Zappa's, "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow". :-)

To Robert Heller. Damn I love clean comps like this. Well done.

I listened to Franks "Don't eat the yellow snow" this morning for the first time in probably 40 years and I'd forgotten how all the songs on his Apostrophe album blend together. It's the second song "Nanook rubs it" that always made me laugh. Frank was crazy. Great Googly Moogly!

Don't eat the yellow snow and Nanook rubs it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0Qw3Foa_XE

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