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Monday, 09 April 2018


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And I still highly recommend his recent video interview series with Kevin Raber over at LuLa. (Comment didn’t appear on Geoff’s post.). We get to see William working in the field and discussing his background, philosophy and techniques. A good intro for anyone interested in the book.

Darn ... already ordered from Amazon. They're late shipping but wouldn't let me cancel

When books are sold via retail distribution channels, after the publisher, distributor, and retailer have taken their shares, only a tiny portion goes to the author/photographer. In some cases, they make less on the sale of a copy than a website owner with the Amazon referral link! When they choose to offer copies directly (not a given, you'd be surprised at how many didn't even reply to an inquiry from a fellow photographer), I like to support them and get a signed/inscribed copy even though it costs more. BTW, I've also just reviewed the book.

The link to Mr. Neill's website is not working, at least for me. Two different computers for differnt locations and three browsers on each and still unable to load any content. Shucks.

I ordered it on Amazon (using TOP referral link of course) after reading the review here and it arrived yesterday. Lovely book. It will take me some time to ingest it.

I have to admit I am completely clueless about photo books and photographers and basically fully rely on recommendations/reviews like here on TOP for what to buy (which I don't do often anyway, mostly because I am clueless as to what to buy :-) ). It's rare to find real photo books in bookstores (and I probably just don't know the right bookstores) so I don't really have a grasp what's out there and I just have a few that I bought at random here and there (some at flea markets for next to nothing).

And I really could use some inspiration lately, as I feel completely dried out creatively (not that I am particularly creative anyway, but still) and missing the joy I once had snapping photos left and right :-)

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