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Wednesday, 18 April 2018


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Hugh, can I buy it from you and have it shipped to Germany?

Have to note that the price per kilo (or pound) is excellent.

I suspect the shipping costs to Australia could buy me a small car.

For those who are wondering about shipping, I have worked out amazingly reasonable shipping rates
For example:
For shipping in the USA
USPS - Media Mail (5-9 working days) $10.61
USPS - Priority Mail (3-5 working days) $16.90
Germany and most of Europe
DHL eCommerce - Parcel Direct LAX (12-17 working days) $38.34
FedEx - International Priority (3-4 working days) $85.55
Great Brittian
DHL eCommerce - Parcel Priority LAX (12-15 working days) $44.00
FedEx - International Priority (3-4 working days) $85.55
DHL eCommerce - Parcel Direct LAX (22-27 working days) $66.00
FedEx - International Priority (3-4 working days) No additional taxes to be paid at delivery.: $102.57
DHL gets there eventually. it gets forwarded through several different systems on the way and can take a long time but it's remarkably cheap and I have not had any damage claims yet.

I am shipping through a shipping consolidator and in addition to the DHL rate which is simply unavailable to the public, the FedEx rates are about %25 of what you would pay if you walked into a FedEx store.

Note that the book comes in an attractive "shipping box" that is intended to protect the book and can get damaged, which is it's function. All of the international shipping options put the box inside bubble wrap and then inside another box which protects the shipping box. The same is true of the express shipping in the USA. The media mail option in the USA puts the shipping box inside bubble wrap which means that the "shipping box" sometimes gets it's corners bashed. If you are the sort of person who saves packaging ( and the shipping box has a pretty cool design ) then the extra $7 for the express mail in the USA might be a good idea, although in my experience Media Mail has proved to be pretty safe.

Despite the warnings of the shipping calculator, in most countries, there is no tax or duties on account of it being a book and falling under the threshold of the local VAT tax, but I make no guarantees.

My sincere salute to Hugh for completing such an enormous publishing project! I hope it proves to be a success for you.

@Hugh Crawford: related to your post, there seems to be another option call SFExpress (I guess is the china one which wonder as why you have an china mailing company, is the book printed in Shenzhen).

Well, other than that and probably not on this site but just in case other reader encounter the same issue, it seems your web site process is a bit odd. I click through PayPal and then there is warning about strange thing like which region I am living in "Billing Region is not valid. Please enter one of the following: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories". Being living in a box of 20km x 20km place, it is strange why it matters but then there is no way I can update my region in your web site.

I know how to spell banananananas. I just don't know how to stop!

Congratulations to Jamie and Hugh both for undertaking and accomplishing such a massive commitment!

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