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Thursday, 12 April 2018


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I used the same strategy in college. Did the hard weekly problem sets on Saturday mornings, rather than waiting until Sunday night. Avoided all-nighters, and the rest of the weekend was care-free.

This is why I changed my workout/fitness routine from pm to am.

'I'm also trying to follow Ernest Hemingway's trick of not stopping until you know what you're going to write next, which means you know where to begin when you sit down tomorrow.' Great, and a very nice addition to the practice I adapted long ago as a (then) translator: always start your writing by reading the last paragraphs of your previous session. Mailed it to two young writers I happen to know (although parents have to be very careful with unsollicited advice, I know).
And rising to the occasion: good to see you're really back on track, Mike !

From the Darth Vader of putting things off: Never underestimate the Powah of Procrastination.

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