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Monday, 30 April 2018


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David: That’s a lovely, heart-driven project on a unique species of birds. I very much enjoyed paging through the online book. Thanks very much for sharing it with us David (and Mike).

Very nice work by David Sparks. The photos are wonderful.

I am not in the same league, but also like to compose photobooks, mine with a firm operating in Brazil, Digipix. Here is a link to a proof of a PDF file of book describing a lovely location where we lived for a few years in Florida: file:///C:/Users/Luiz/Pictures/Photos_pps_13/%23304_ChampionsGate_fotolivro/%23304%20fotos/ChampionsGate%202016_21b%20PREVIEW.pdf

Being in Florida, it also has some birds on the story...

I hope your post will encourage other amateur photographers to print their books.

Also an incentive to Mike to keep working on his project.

Mike, please forgive this digression. There is one quote from David Sparks' inspiring book by William Beebe which brought to mind another Beebe quote about the extinction and preservation of all things but species in particular.

"The beauty and genius of a work of art may be reconceived, though its first material expression be destroyed; a vanished harmony may yet again inspire the composer; but when the last individual of a race of living beings breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again."
William Beebe, The Bird, 1906

Photography has a way of linking us to other subjects.

George Andros

That is very nicely done. Love the use of quotes. I probably would have tried to put things in my own words and it would not have been nearly as interesting and unique. I might have to steal the idea for a project of my own someday.

Fabulous! Recently I dipped my toe into bird photography; a colony of great egrets found the quarter acre tidal marsh behind our house, and visited regularly for a couple weeks. I rented a longer lens, and spent some wonderful time with them as they probably decimated the population of small fish in the area. Kudos, David, for the range of captures, particularly of the birds in flight. It looks like you were pretty locked in.

What a bird! What a beak. Reminds me of holding chopsticks - the bottom one ahead of the other. I've been a bird watcher for many years, and I love this bird. Never seen it before. Who gave it that super-size beak? I feel an affinity with it. Thank you to David Sparks for the photos and for the introduction to the rhynchōps (what a name - rhinoplasty must be connected) and 'chops' - maybe you have to a UK person to get that?

Just SUPERB! Thank you for sharing your passion, and skill.look forward to more now that I saved your website.

I hope you got much pleasure out of making it.

I can only echo what has already been said. Well done David Sparks!

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