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Friday, 02 March 2018


No power here (SE PA) either. Been on generator since yesterday afternoon. Nice to have for the essentials, but I sure miss the luxury of all tech systems 24/7

Then there’s this kind of thing for when your iPhone battery and other lithium ion battery packs are depleted:


One April we visited our son for Crew Family Weekend at Colgate University near you. He was on the crew team and the idea was to show off for parents. Well, the nearby lake they rowed on hadn't yet melted, despite it being the middle of spring, so they arranged to borrow Syracuse University's rowing venue on the Erie Canal. And then a big winter storm blew in.

The drive to Syracuse was quite an adventure. Ice and snow everywhere, trees and power lines down, accidents here and there. Only to find that the Canal was near flooding, so no rowing and pretty much the same drive back.

We visited Colgate at least twice a year the four years he was there and every trip had the full range of weather, no matter the time of the school year: sun, rain, hail, snow, ice. His outdoor graduation ceremony in early May progressed through first sunshine, then rain, then hail, then snow. Everywhere in the country tells the joke about if you don't like the weather wait five minutes and it will change. Not true most places, but true in upstate NY.

The flip side: that area has some lovely summers, is remarkably beautiful for a landscape without many "spectacular" features and is imbued with so much history.

Here is a graphic of the snowfall for this event from the New York State Mesonet site and the 2-day total precipitation.


We lost our power for 36 hours. No fun in the middle of winter. Grateful to have it back.

[I lost mine for 30 hours. I have a backup generator but it took 30 gallons of propane to keep it running that long. And now some of the house circuits are dead, including my office. This is going to prove a very expensive storm for me. --Mike]

Sunday 1:27PM - power back (I hope it STAYS on). Since Friday at 4 PM, that's only a little below 48 hours outage. First thing after hot water heater has time to recover: a shower!

Mike, do you have a transfer switch on your backup? Mine is manual, and only on what I consider critical circuits. Propane suggests to me that you might have a Generac setup, with automatic transfer. Electricians like to put the whole house on these, even on skipped circuits, so I'm wondering if some manual resetting is needed?

We had a rare snowfall here is Eugene, Oregon,
but it all melted away before I could take a photo of it.

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