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Friday, 09 March 2018


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Best wishes and regards!

Get better!

Sorry to hear about your health issue. Hope you get well as soon as possible.

All the best.

Mike, take good care of yourself and get well soon.

With best regards,


Best wishes that you will soon be back to doing all the things we and you love!

Best wishes and may you feel well soon !

Mike - Sending good vibes your way, and I ain't talkin glockenspiel!

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference" ~ Winston Churchill

All the best to you, and take care!

Hope you are soon home, safe and sound, Mike.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Mike. I had a disagreement with the floor yesterday and gave myself a couple of small fractures round my left eye and massive bruising — I won’t post a picture because it would be NSFW :-)

I think the pressure of choosing images for the COLOR assignment is getting to you.

Ouch! Sorry to hear this.

We are getting old dear Mike, I had a fairly high blood pressure episode at the beginning of the week. I'm under scrutiny to. Get well soon.

And on my birthday too.


I'm looking forward to years of posts, so I hope you do well.

Best of luck, Mike! Just remember, that long plastic bottle with the crink in its neck and a handle is *not* a water pitcher.

Get well quickly!


Get well!
Stay well!

Hang in there Mike - and hope the next falling tree misses the red chair!

Sorry to hear of this...get better soon! What will we do without you..

Wishing you the best, Mike. Try to relax and do what those doctors and nurses tell ya!

Be well, Mike, and best wishes.

Hope it's not serious; get well soon

If you need an off the cuff free second opinion, (worth what you paid), feel free to call on me.
Wm. Mitchell, MD

Stay cool, move along. Don't worry if they all look too young to do the job. We're all in this together.

I am sending thoughts and prayers your way... (wait, not that) I am sending guns. (Wrong!)
Get better, dammit! (that's rude.)
I hope your stay in the hospital is short and you are returned home soon and back to your computer and your wonderful blog. (That's so self-serving.)
Get well soon! (So boringly conventional, but perfect. )
Your fan and follower, Richard

Perhaps a "time-out" is in order. We can reluctantly survive without you in the short-term, particularly if it serves the long-term. Maybe someplace warm. All the best!

Dear Mike,
I wish you a good recovery. Often cardiacal early warning signals are, in retrospect, the best that can happen to you. Take your time, easy does it. You won't loose any readers, your blog is one of a kind.

Hope it's nothing and you feel better soon.

Best wishes, Mike! I went through almost four years of dealing with a-fib. It can really mess up the head, believe me. It took a couple ablations (PVI) to get it under control and life has been very good for the last half year.

Hope you have neighbors to look after your critters.

Welcome to middle age. It used to be that in your 50s you had a procedure and in your 60s some kind of device and in your 70s you had an ectomy but I think things have moved forward a decade.
Get well

I hope you're okay, Mike. I really do!

I’ve been having heart problems since I was your age, and I’m 84 now. Heart care has really advanced over the last 40 years. Every one keeps telling me to stand up and walk every hour, and the, older doctors tell me they take CQ10 and Salmon oil as supplements, they do. So I do as well.

Best Wishes, and as as Mr Natural says,”Keep on Truckin.”


FFS, Mike, do what they tell you, find out what's going on then get the hell out of there. Hospitals are excellent places to go to at need, and terrible places to linger.
Get home soon.
Be well.

Hope things work out well and swiftly.

Get well soon!

Take care, Thomas

take care

Best wishes Mike, get well soon.

Oh no, feel better fast!!

Feel better! The Offline Photographer is just not as interesting!

Wishing you a fast and complete recovery. It's not fun getting older (I'm 63 - we are not "old" yet).

Hope you are getting great care, make a very quick recovery and are soon able to put this episode into the past Mike. I suspect I'll be one of very many sending you their best wishes. Jon

Get well soon, Mike!

All the best; take care of yourself.

We miss you already.

Mike, thank you for letting us know. You're in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Please keep us posted (no pun intended). Take good care.

Positive vibes going to you ..

Mike, I wish you a full and speedy recovery.

Very sorry to hear about this Mike. Best wishes for a complete & speedy recovery.

Yikes, Mike! Take care -- get well soon!

Get well.

Heavens Mike. Take it easy and look after yourself.

Sending good vibes.

Best wishes and write on.

Best wishes and prayers Mike, for your continued good health and for skilled medical staff to bring, and keep, you there.

bummer...do what the doctors tell you...nothing is more important than your health.

Hope it's nothing serious. All the best for you and your ticker :)

So sorry to hear of your health problem with the ticker. Hope it is not serious enough to require surgery. We wish you all the best of health.I hope to keep reading your sites marvelous words of wisdom and entertainment.

I hope you will be ok and get out soon! Is someone looking out for Butters?

Geez Mike, hope you're feeling better and back home soon.

I hope they can sort it out for you, Mike.

Mike, hang in there! this too shall pass and you'll be back behind the viewfinder, virtual and actual.
Be well. I hope this is just a tiny blip!



Thinking about you and hoping that you are well. Hopefully, a false alarm!

Best wishes to you Mike! Take it easy, let the doctors do their job and we can wait.

All the best and be well, my friend.

All the best, Mike.

Here's praying for a quick recovery, Mike.

Mike, we're all hoping you will be feelling better and back home very soon!

Best regards!

Best wishes, Mike. I had a stent put in last year and hopefully that's the type of solution that will work for you.

Hope this is a temporary setback for you Mike. I'm a nurse and my experience is that if they have discovered something and are dealing with it, it's a good thing and certainly better than the alternatives! Don't rush back

Hi Mike,
Take it easy. I hope it is nothing serious and you will be on the mend soon.

Commiserations Mike! I went through this last year and it was a complete shock. Don't be downhearted, medical science triumphed in the end. We are all rooting for you and willing you to get better!

Good luck Mike. Fingers crossed.

Good luck and best wishes.

Mike, hope you feel better and get out of the hospital soon, you have some snow to shovel.
get well

Sorry to hear that. Feel better, sir.

Hope all goes well for you Mike and that you make a quick return to the blog! (I’m a longtime reader of TOP but not so communicative, probably like many others. Really appreciate your writing and respect your views (including the OT ones. ) Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

I hope you’re okay. Take care of yourself. The blog can wait.

Get sorted soon Mike! We need you in good condition and for a long time.

Do let us know you are OK.
All the best for a speedy recovery.

Mike, get well soon. I hope this is not too serious. If you have to take time off that is fine with me. I will come back when you do. Also I am sure some of your followers would be willing to write some articles to fill in until you get better.

Dear Mike,

Best wishes for a quick and full return to good health. Take your time. We'll be just fine.


The silence is deafening. Best wishes.

I hope you're okay. Seems you've had quite a month: weather, podcast, health...

Hope everything works out. Rest up and get well!

Get well soon

Good luck, Mike. Get well soon!

Dear Mike, get well, be well. Always! Read this, your message after having seen Joel Meyerowitz Why Color? in Berlin tonight. A lot of photo life there.

I wish you a lot of photo life too! Sending all my best thoughts. Stor klem!


Wishing you all the best Mike! Tell the hospital folks we need you back and to fix you quickly and completely.

Yikes! Hoping that your heart is OK, you're smiling, and your undies are clean.

Hope everything is going ok Mike, I miss you already.

Mike, let me say first off that you and I are on opposite sides politically and so much so that at times I have ceased to follow your blog. But then, I know that we both only want what is best for our country but just disagree on how to get there.

But that you are having potentially serious health problems reminds me of how little our differences really mean. News of your hospitalization was a sad blow to me. I hope you will overcome your current issues and will be of good health for many years. And provide the photography community with the most excellent content we have come to take for granted.

All the best,
Dale King

Hope you are well.

Mike, sending wishes your way for health and recovery. All the best to you.


And besides heart-healthy eating: exercise, exercise, exercise! Around da house, rehab from the motor-tools. Dead leaves? Use a rake! Dead tree? Use an axe! Snow? Use a shovel! Shopping? Use a bicycle!
Get well soon! Nico, Amsterdam.

Hope it is not too late to say I am glad you are the mend. Not many quality photo bloggers around Mike. We need ya!

Wow...take care...you will have a heart attack when you get the bill:(

Mike, glad you are back home. Happy your heart is strong and waiting for those typing hands to start flying.

Mike, you were indeed in good hands. Strong Memorial is recognized as one of the best hospitals in the United States. Now just take your meds as directed, and you should do quite nicely.

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