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Monday, 19 March 2018


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No matter what gear you own and use, we all have lost with Chuck’s passing.

What a great written tribute to Chuck! Sounds like he knew what was important in life.
Thanks for sharing this.

I met Chuck a few times and, like you, found him to be a very kind and helpful man. He stood out in the business.

R.I.P. Chuck. He'll be missed.

Just a tiny footnote about aspherical lenses for SLR cameras:


Sad to report, but the link to the Canon museum and the f/1.2 lens doesn't seem to work. I tried various shortenings of it, without success.

My jaw literally dropped when I read this post. I'm glad to hear he could be helpful for photographers using other brands, but for Canon shooters like me he was Moses, bringing and interpreting the Good Word from on high. He was a true ambassador, for Canon and photography in general.

Oh dear -- I remember Chuck from the CompuServe forums back at the dawn of the internet. His voice was always measured, and his advice was always interesting, and I would always click through to his posts.

The only person I would compare him to is Bob Salomon, of HP Marketing / MAC who is so very generous with his time and knowledge over on the Large Format Photography Forum, especially addressing questions about Linhof cameras.

Information on the internet is only as good as its source, and these guys were and are the best.

I, too, was saddened to hear of Chuck Westfall's passing. I shot with pro Canon gear for a long time, going on almost 15 years. One thing I can say without reservation is that Canon really takes care of it's professionals, and Chuck was the embodiment of that here in the United States.

Godspeed, Chuck.

I do not know him or even care anything about Canon except strangely I actually know his name!!! Around the global half way through and may I even said he is a nice man.

I still cannot recall how but it must be some interaction in forum discussion in end 1990 or early 2000 that it comes to me that he is an honest and nice human. Well, in spite of coming from a company that is onto marketing side more than customer side.


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