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Tuesday, 06 March 2018


They say there's yet another nasty storm headed for the East Coast - want me to arrange an airdrop of memory cards?

Question: "What the heck do I need a Fujifilm GFX 50S for?"

Answer: (See above.)

Question: "What in the world would I ever do with a DJI quad-copter?"

Answer: (See previous answer.)

Hi Mike, the XT2 and all new fuji bodies have lossless compressed mode, files are 22Mb+ vs 45Mb+ of the XT1

Just to point something out for the sake of accuracy: resolution is the result of pixel pitch, that is, the number of pixels per unit area, *not* the total number of pixels in a sensor. The X-T2's 24 megapixel APC-S sensor has same resolution of a 48 megapixel FF sensor.

Not to point too fine a point on it, but IIRC, back at Photokina in 2014, Fujifilm had a 3' x 5' print of horses up in their booth from the 16 megapixel X-T1.

Those white geese, appropriately, are Snow Goose.

The blog version is not quite large enough to engage in a birders' "Where's Waldo" hunt for a Blue Morph Snow Goose.

Or the twitcher's hunt for a much less common Ross's Goose (white, very small bill) hidden amongst them.

It's just another form of seeing.

SD card are a commodity—and therefore inexpensive. The most expensive 128 gigabyte SD card sells at B&H for less than $200.00—I spend more rhan that for groceries in a week.

Frank Capa said: If your photos aren't good enough, your not close enogh. That sure applies here. If you don't know the individual geese by name, it's hard to tell their story.

Fallen Oak, a lot of metaphor there, great pic too

It is like a Bev Doolittle painting.

I wonder if the geese in your photo are the same ones that passed through Pennsylvania two weeks earlier.


Same flight path, though I can't find much about the speed of the migration, except that they're due at their breeding grounds around early May. Amazing spectacle!


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