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Friday, 02 March 2018


This one is actually better. ;)

I must be totally heartless. I watched the lot. Why is it that we find other people's misfortune and stupidity funny? I imagine it's because we see a little bit of ourselves in it.

I watch those occasionally when I have nothing else to do too.

That MX-5 snow plow reminds me of when I delivered pizzas in an MX-5 during a blizzard.

I just said the F-word as a reflex. A friend asked "Shouldn't the lens be ok?"
I forgot to remind him of the girlishly sream I heard when he dropped his phone in the toilet.

It's kind of perfect that he was demonstrating a completely pointless feature of that lens when he dropped it into the pool.

...also, anyone who watched "Cops" when it was on should know that taking off your shirt is the first step towards failure.

And this is why I make sure there are never any video cameras running when I am using power tools or ladders.

I have learned that lens shades are prone to just pop off and that they do not float.

Later on... "The other forward!" (boat hitting pier). Classic.

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