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Tuesday, 13 March 2018


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Mike you take care of yourself

"Apologies again for these outages."

Don't worry about it.

In the words (supposedly) of the nineteenth-century Oxford scholar Benjamin Jowett, and the spirit of your KBO post, “Never apologize, never explain.”

Mind you, he is also supposed to have added, “Get it over with and let them howl.” ;-)

No problem, Mike. We'll be here, waiting. Take it easy.

No rush Mike, we will wait and want you in great shape.
Take care, best regards.

You should not apologizing, we should say thank you for all your work you have put in the blog in all the years. You are one of the last “Boy Scouts” of photography blogs (at least for me). I hope everything goes well with you soon but you shouldn’t force it.
Best regards

"Any" medical procedure knocks most of us for a loop; especially an invasive type such as you endured. Sleep and rest. Do not hurry your recovery, let it take it's course.
You doing T.O.P. with one hand or two is not a life or death situation for us.

Tomorrow, a good reason to keep buggering on.

No apologies needed.
Glad you're on the mend.


take care of yourself, the blog can wait.

No apologies necessary. While I can't speak for others (and sometimes not for myself:-)) I would guess that I may not be the only one who will willingly wait for you to feel ready to write again. Take care of yourself. Think long term.

Mike -

Please relax and take your time! Come back only when you feel up to it. As a 76-year-old...I know that the body takes longer to heal as one gets older. You're a mere child (compared to me, anyway) but this still applies.

Scolding ahead:

If you are still tired today you need to stay down for a few more days and then rethink this whole thing. There is a tendency for active people to try and simply return to "normal" quickly, as if that is a sign of healing.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I think we will survive without you....maybe.

Stay well, Mike. Don’t push it.

One of the features of modern medicine is that people sometimes get better even when they ignore the instructions of their doctors and nurses. But sometimes they don't.

Be good.

I hope you feel better soon. Take lots of time to recover and don't feel any guilt. Recovery from arterial stuff can take a long time so you just lie on your bed if you feel like doing that.

Mike, When I had my angiograph, they entered through a vein in my groin. When it was over, two nurses held a stainless steel 'egg' over the wound area for several hours, taking 15 minute turns. I had to stay on my back for 2 hours, which is hard to do, and they would make sure I didn't move. And I could not get up for I think it was 12 hours.

I got even though. When I went back a week later to see the cardiologist, I fainted when the nurse was prepping me for a monitor. When I came to, I was surrounded by the doctor and about 10 nurses, on the floor in the doorway into the hallway. Each had a specific duty, one to watch my pulse, one on blood pressure, one checking my breathing, etc. I apologised for causing such a fuss, and the Dr. said "don't worry, we practice once a month for this, and this is great to have the real thing for a change." They ended up calling an ambulance and taking me to a different hospital for another angiograph.

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