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Sunday, 25 February 2018


Your illustrative image reminds me of one of the photographs in Jill Krementz’s book, “The Writer’s Desk.” With only 58 images, her book provided some insight into the workplaces of some of our best writers. It can be found on Amazon.com at this link: https://www.amazon.com/Writers-Desk-Jill-Krementz/dp/0679450149/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1519581032&sr=8-1&keywords=Jill+Krementz

For those who may not be aware, Krementz was the wife of Kurt Vonnegut. The two of them made an interest couple.

Happy Birthday Mike

Live long and prosper

Happy birthday Mike, and thanks for all the great writing to date - I look forward to heaps more. Have a lovely day.

A couple of years ago (as alluded to here on this blog), I discovered that most of my negatives had succumbed to mildew. I was devastated- to put it mildly. Since then I have been methodically restoring them after work, a couple of hours almost every day. Each one can take up to 2-3 weeks, it's mind numbingly laborious work (but thank god for digital tech, even with my pathetically limited PS skills). So far, I've managed to self publish two books of 40 images each- and the work continues...

There's only so many years; realistically, I'll be lucky to get 40% of it done. Ironically, I also purchased my first digital camera(s) during same said period and started photographing in color for the first time in 40 years. I've never been so prolific in my life, and they only take a couple of hours to edit...

It's good to hear that you are making progress. How about telling us what the status is, e.g. 3/4 of first draft? etc.

Got to get that off-site backup going! I suggest starting small: put a memory stick or a small portable drive in the car trunk once every few days, (swap with one in the house) then leave it at your brother's house when you visit, and then update every few months. Simple!

I did four photography outings this week. I also decided to switch my schedule around so I sleep in the morning instead of at night, which means going to bed at 5:00 am and getting up before noon.

My hope is that this will reduce the long-running sleep issues that (I believe) are caused by my being awake at odd hours of the night while trying to maintain a normal daytime schedule, too. Even if it doesn't help, it also can't hurt, because I don't think things can get any worse than they have been of late. (sigh)

So far, so good. And the photos I've taken this week have all been quite good, too, which is even better! 8^)

I recently bought a G9 despite having no real issues with the original em5 that I was using. I am finding it a joy to use and keep being surprised by little things that please me. Of course the viewfinder is great, but being able to charge the battery in the camera over a normal USB cable is wonderful. No more taking the camera and finding out I forgot to put the battery back in and the other one in the bag is dead.

Happy Birthday, Mike! I'm currently two years past when I should have retired. I think that this year is the year; there are likely some who HOPE that this year is the year ;)

Happy Birthday, young feller! I'm a couple years ahead of you, and so far, so good.
Re: XT-2 vs iPhone 7. A little scary, isn't it? I shot a photostory for the paper/website a few days back. Most were shot on a Sony a6300, and few on an a6000 with an early 70s vintage Nikkor 135mm f2.8 mounted on it. However, I needed to make a few surreptitious photos, so I used my iPhone 6s. No one will ever notice the difference between the "real camera" vs phone pix. Heck, in a couple of years I myself won't know which was which, without sneaking a look at the metadata.

Happy Birthday Mike! I have a challenge on the offsite backup procrastination front. Backblaze is well-reviewed; I'm using it; the cost is either $5/month or $50/year. If you'll set up Backblaze by midnight today, I'll cover the first $25, which you can use either for five months or half an annual subscription. It won't take more than about 15 minutes, and your offsite backup will be running. If you like another offline backup service, I'll still cover the first $25, as long as it's set up by midnight tonight, Pacific Standard Time. Expect the first backup to take weeks, not hours. Start now.

Happy Birthday !
There should be Cake and Ice Cream on Birthdays -no exceptions.

PS Text files are small, (but irreplaceable--you will never remember it the same way) Get a thumb drive put the stuff on it and mail it to your brother until you decide on a better plan..
Either that, or don't tell us you are not backed up, it bothers us.......

You have a weird situation, where you actually do persist in your regular work [writing this blog] and now you're trying to persist in a second project [book writing,] but both of them could be defined as "work." I think many of us have a hard time persisting with a second project because it's not work. We don't have to do it, and so with life running along at a fast pace, we let the secondary project slide a little, then a lot, and then it's almost gone.

I've been playing guitar for a while, and after a lurch in which I went from zero to fifty, I then sat idling at the curb for a few years. Now I'm trying to learn all the stuff that I could have learned if I'd persisted when I started -- learning the fretboard down cold so moving from one note to another is quick and intuitive, rather than a search; finally nailing down music theory; learning to sight-read on guitar (I can sort of do it piano, but guitar is a whole different thing.) I can only get this done by working on it every day, and for at least a half hour. I'm not there yet, but I've been making some progress. One large part of my progress is that as a New Year's resolution, I reviewed all the websites I visited, and eliminated all those that were basically pointless entertainment or a waste of time. That helped a lot, and so far, I've stuck with the hugely reduced list.

Hi Mike, happy birthday from the other side of the Atlantic too. Until you believe that tomorrow will be at least as good as today, all is right. I am thinking about the Panasonic's way too... So I'll wait for your comments!

Happy Birthday!
Just curious, is your interior decorator a poltergeist? You appear to have a floor standing cabinet stuck to your wall.

Happy Birthday, Mike! And congratulations on making a camera decision!

That's quite a gap between the Fuji and iPhone you've illustrated here, even with highly compressed web files.

Some recent conversations and readings, and now Stan B.'s comment above, have me thinking about various ways in which time is the enemy of both current and former film users. I've typically thought of the physical nature of film as an advantage, but clearly it is also a vulnerability. How much time do we have, really, to backup (i.e., print or scan) our film images (especially color film)? And is it worth the trouble?

Say, how about that for a Sunday support group?

Happy Birthday Mike! Here’s to many more.

Happy birthday Mike.

I am 64 or as I like to say, 16 for the fourth time. My 65th is fast approaching and then I will get younger -- 13 for the fifth time.

Sorry that 61 is a prime number ...

Happy birthday Mike - so I'm exactly a week older than you. Interesting.

[So then happy birthday to you too Wolfgang. Or should I say alles Gute zum Geburtstag! --Mike]

Happy Birthday. Thanks for the mention. I didn't expect such a nice surprise.

Happy birthday, Mike! I hope you're having a terrific day. Many happy returns! Very happy to hear of your gritty determination. I have many of the same challenges you've described over the years with getting long projects completed so it'is inspiring to read this. Keep on keeping on.

Happy Birthday Mike!

Great idea to cultivate a pleasant environment for your "writer's workshop."

You've heard the Siren's call for your favorite focal length, I hope you find the right Panasonic body to mount that 20mm f/1.7. Nice set up that will be!

Blast from the Past: http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/why-40mm.html

Happy birthday, Mike!

Andrew (six months younger)...

Happy Birthday, and good luck with the cameras.

I didn't touch my photo book project at all. In fact, I need to acknowledge that currently my real project, one that I do "touch" on a near-daily basis, is to slowly make my way backwards through my massive photo library, reprocessing a few here and there, occasionally making 4 x 6 proofs of my favorites. I've been getting better and better, applying new curves as I go.

Happy birthday, Mike. I'm a bit behind you, as I turned 59 in the middle of January.

Happy Birthday Mike.
For immediate security of that book draft, do what I do with relatively small files when on the road - eMail it to yourself.

BTW, other than noise, I think the iPhone shot is great at web size. Good detail outside the window etc.

Many happy returns, Mike! Not sure what that old phrase means though. I just turned 61 a couple weeks ago and coincidentally, suffered a similar angst over camera/lens decisions. I realized I had not used or removed my main camera, a mirrorless with one zoom and one fixed focal length lens, in the last six months—despite going on several photo worthy expeditions.

Laziness I suppose; I just couldn’t be bothered to lug that bag about. Funny thing, I now consider that bag heavy when the reason I downsized from DSLR and lenses was because THAT bag was too heavy. I only used my iPhone camera. But, since I do like to print my photos, the iphone files were a bit lacking at the sizes I like to print.

Years ago, I wanted to try using a compact camera only but with the small sensor sizes, I didn’t do it—but always told myself I would as soon as the sensors got larger. I did try a Panasonic LX-1 or 2 when they came out and I did like it and it did prove easy to take with me all the time. In the end, the smallish sensor proved too limiting. Then, as compact camera sensors did get larger, I still convinced myself they weren’t large enough even with a number of good cameras with one-inch sensors.

Then along came the new and tiny Canon G1X mark III with an APS-C 24MP sensor. Time to finally commit. I bought one despite feeling it is overpriced. I like it. One evening spent with the manual going through the quite good menu and the little camera is set up the way I want it. My goal is to try to take it with me all the time. Perhaps this entirely different direction in photography will be the kick in the rump I need.

If you did retire, you would probably take up blogging to pass the time and get 2 dogs for company.

Have a great day!

Like me, Mike is an Amazon Prime member. As part of your Prime membership you get unlimited FREE photo storage https://www.amazon.com/Cloud-Drive-Storage/b?ie=UTF8&node=13234696011

Apple's iCloud is 5 Gig FREE. Addition storage, for the US of A is 50GB: $0.99, 200GB: $2.99 and 2TB: $9.99 a month https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201238 BTW iCloud can automaticall sync all your Apple devices.

I also have a FREE Dropbox account https://www.dropbox.com/h So that gives me three different cloud storage options. No brother needed 8-)

My main problem with film is that it is so hard to trash. Wipeing a hard-drive is just a click away. With analog you need to feed prints, negss, 'chromes and CDs into an expensive shredder. This is my main project for this year. Then I can start making real art, linocut prints 8-).

Happy Birthday Mike. Panasonic is a good choice. Many many years of photography ahead.

Someone mentioned Steven Pressfield's book The War of Art a few years ago (might have been Kirk Tuck?) and while I don't think it's as useful as Art and Fear, my go-to recommendation, it's good.
Pressfield kind of personalizes psychological resistance and says that as soon as you sense it, that's the time to push back hard against your enemy. It's a useful idea.

Happy Birthday Mike.
When I was in the (medical) writing and editing business the saying was:
don't get it right get it written.

What a lovely space you have for writing. A very good idea very well done.

I am also surprised how much more I like the Fuji image than the iPhone one. Maybe a bit of work in "curves" could bring the iPhone to a better place?

Happy Birthday Mike! I wish you many more!

Also - congratulations on choosing something! Or three somethings...

If it was me, I'd cover that window with butcher paper, or maybe even spray-paint it with Rustoleum Matte Black.

At this point, I no longer freak out about 60+ birthdays, and am mostly glad I made it this far.

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Go Buy Yourself a New Camera,
And a New Lens, Too!

Hope you had a good one, with many more...

Those two writing room shots represent a conundrum for probably many recent photographers. Many shoot with both camera and phone, but might still feel amazed and depressed at the same time because of the similar quality.
Also, someone suggested that your dual writing endeavors, the blog and the book(s) are a lot. Good writing is hard. Why not publish an anthology of your blog's best, or some compilation of a sort... I'm sure I'd purchase a copy.

Or get one of those camera grips for your iPhone, it has IBIS ;-)
Of the two, I think I like the iphone image better.

Happy birthday Mike, I wish you many more happy ones ahead.

Well, Happy (61st? 60th?) Birthday, Mike. And don't sweat the procrastination so much. As the wise and pragmatic Kurt Vonnegut once said, “I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you different.”

My 76th birthday was Friday ... and I'm still working. Friday evening found me doing a remote operating system patch for a client company, by necessity in the evening so as not to interfere with the business. I'm sort of okay with this working thing, recalling a quote I read recently, source un-remembered, of an 80-year-old saying, "Everybody I know who's my age is either working or dead." But, I budget for a weekly buy of Pennsylvania lottery tickets, which I call "retirement tickets."

Remember, a couple of months before you turn 65, to register for Medicare. If you miss the cutoff, you pay a forever penalty when you do sign up. Your SS full retirement age is probably 66 plus a few months. Try to avoid starting earlier, if you can.

Happy Birthday, Mike!

I retired from my career as a professional scientist (molecular biologist) and Six Sigma & Design for Six Sigma Black Belt in corporate biotech after 41 years on Dec. 20th. And turned 64 three days later. Interestingly, I've been incredibly busy since: the day I updated my LinkedIn page to "Consultant", I literally got half a dozen emails from former colleagues about consulting work.
The only difference I've noticed in retirement is that the days seem to fly by as fast during the week as they do on weekends. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I've found it useful to use the best practices from my professional career and create an action plan and G&O's (goals & objectives), otherwise the day will fly by and I won't have completed my action items or achieved my objectives for the day (or week, for that matter).

Regarding my project for the week: Yep, got it done: updated my photography web site's blog (for the first time in almost exactly a year; since my article on the GFX intro), an article on the new Fujifilm X-H1:


One of my goals is to post a blog entry at least once and ideally twice a week on matters photographic, and occasionally high-end audio, music and watches (a hobby I've also gotten into over the last 2 1/2 years).

Like you, I enjoy writing, but it just occured to me that I should occasionally start incorporating some video in my blog to provide the "context of use" that only video can provide. One of my favorite watch internet publications, Worn & Wound, is particularly good at this; and will occasionally embed a video within a written product review:


TOP readership (and revenue) might benefit from a similar approach (and now that you're going Panasonic, you'll have the equipment for it).

Regarding the X-T2/iPhone 7 shot of your writing room; nice room!

You're going to miss that fab Fuji 14, though, I guarantee it.

Okay, I'm heading over to check out Ken White's video.

Happy birthday Mike!
You are still young, and the secret in staying young is to keep doing what you like to do. Whether it's about making a living or not.
I'm not a writer, I don't have the smarts for it, even though I like doing it, but would say that effort is going to be inconsistent. Some days the words just pour out, and other times, not so much.
Good choice the Panasonic's. I remember buying a camcorder from a now out of business retailer. The salesman insisted that my first consideration be a Minolta, not something made by a electronics company.
How things have changed!
Best regards, Fred

Happy Birthday Mike!
I hope you were able to do something special.
I like your prodding on the project front. I have made some progress on my project, not as much as planned by more than I usually do so I consider that progress. Keep it up.

I didn't get around to commenting on the original Sunday Support Group post, but I really like this idea. I've got a few different personal and professional projects I am constantly saying I "should" be working on (one of which is my guitar playing, and i'm glad to see John Camp for one is also working on that topic).

My problem tends to be that I talk and think (ruminate maybe?) about the things I want to do, but that doesn't lead to productive action. Maybe the touch it at least once a day approach will help with that. Best of luck to all of us on this.

Also, Happy Birthday Mike! Hope you had some delicious cake or your choice of celebratory food :)

Happy birthday Mike. Check out Weird Al Yankovic's birthday song. I play it every year for my kids. https://youtu.be/tdbhfpF3NA0

Happy Birthday, Mike. I think you are in the same boat as a lot of us anymore. Retirement will be when we can no longer work.

Good to see that you are getting on with your writing projects. I have been reading a lot of the TOP posts from years ago and know that things can fall by the wayside. We'll be here to hopefully keep that from happening.

Happy Birthday Mike!
I'm nearing 70, so I can share some insights about aging. The only things that change are 1) speed, you will move slower and 2) you will forget a lot of things that you are certain you recall in sharp detail. Just finished re-reading The Catcher in the Rye (first reading fifty years ago). I remembered exactly zero percent of the book, but I know why I liked it fifty years ago.

Yes, the two images of your upstairs office are clearly different. Love my iPhone but that noise pattern is always a giveaway.

Happy Birthday Mike! Many thanks for the years of entertaining writing from the northern hemisphere to prod the right hemisphere. Enjoy your birthday!

The good thing about birthdays is the total lack of guilt in buying stuff. Enjoy your new Panasonic :-)

Happy Birthday Mike
I spent the week fighting the forces of entropy, mostly to a draw.

Every day feels like a like a little birthday party with Mike, when you read the Online Photographer.

Does that make sense? As the young 'uns would say...

Happy Birthday, Mike! And many happy returns of the day.

Happy birthday Mike!

My new portfolio website project has stalled again as I juggle family time (top priority). I'm currently suffering choice paralysis with equipment and techniques as well as still trying to define my style. I'm on the cusp of pairing down to maybe a Ricoh GR II and Ricoh GR1v. Looking back through my negs and files, I feel that the best work seems to be at 28mm and reportage style - grabbing the moment and light as it happens regardless of genre. Good luck with your Panasonic goals.

And a very happy birthday from Norway Mike!

Well, in a couple of months, I will be 'Officially Old' - 65 and my state pension kicks in. Which will be useful - there's this lens I'd like...

However, I cheated and retired early, leaving me more time to concentrate on my obsessions hobbies.

And remember, we may be over the hill but at least we've seen the view from the top!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Mike! I can see that the iPhone is the better camera. It can capture your book draft. Cheers

Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day and enjoy whichever camera you settle on. But.....keep writing!

Your office is way too neat, How do you get anything done?

Birthday Boweee as we say here in the South. I turn 72 next month and
I guarantee you if you stop working you end up....well you just end.
I thank you for all the superb writing that often puts a smile on my face because you and I see eye to eye. You could be my younger brother so I will just call you that: Cheers Brother!

Congrats on the birthday and Panasonic decision! My digital history is Canon -> Pany -> Fuji -> m43 (Pany G85 + Oly EM5-II) and I couldn't be happier with my gear now. The interchangeability of m43 lenses is worth something as well as the other advantages.

I noticed you have your monitor angled away from you. I would think perpendicular would cause less eye strain. No?

Belated Happy Birthday. How in the world do you manage to keep the upstairs "workstation so neat (or was this just for the photo)?

Happy Birthday Mike. Others have probably already mentioned that the Panasonic Lumix GX80/85 is another good option if you want IBIS in a Panasonic body - I've had one for about a year as a small(ish) carry-around digital camera (usually with mk 1 lumix 20mm f1.7 attached). It is extremely good value for money - especially when Panasonic are running one of their regular cashback promotions.

Happy birthday. I thought we were the same age, but I'm 1+ years older. No progress on my projects, but no surprise either---just got back from a major business trip, still decompressing. Start some work tomorrow, meeting in DC today.

I would like you to dance (Birthday)
Take a cha-cha-cha-chance (Birthday)
I would like you to dance (Birthday)
Dance yeah

Come on

Birthday - The Beatles

Happy birthday, Mike ! Sixty is a great age to be -- not decrepit by a long chalk, still pretty spry and able to put in hard work and, best of all, to really start encashing the experience accumulated over the years.
So, Panasonic. I was hoping you would go for one. I use an almost new GX1 and frankly, I like it more than my Oly Epl5, especially since I started using Silkypix; each time I open the raw files,it's a revelation. SOOC jpegs, on the other hand, are rather wishy washy. Best of luck with it (betting on the GX9 -- lucky you), and your forthcoming books.

~ Subroto Mukerji, Delhi, India

Happy Birthday Mike, along with my great appreciation that you continue to maintain this oasis of reason and intelligence on the web. Also sending appreciation for making me aware of Kirk Tuck's excellent blog. Just one of many treasures I've discovered here.

Happy birthday Mike. I wish you a lot of beautiful light and the right tool to catch it.

Happy birthday, and many happy returns of the day.

Is it too late to make suggestions about Panasonic cameras? When you listed the cameras you've run through, you mentioned the GX7 as one that you "didn't cotton to". It seems to me that the GX9 is basically the same camera, so why waste time and money on it?

On the other hand, you've said repeatedly that you really liked the GX8 when you tried it; so why not just buy one and be done?

Even though I am, as always in all things, a day late, Happy Birthday Mike! I have a GX7 that I really enjoy using. I think it's great that you've made a decision. Like someone said, "if you do nothing, you'll never make a mistake." What can I say, I've made mistakes all my life but I keep trying.

Happy Birthday. And welcome (back) to Panasonic.

Happy Birthday Mike!
And happy birthday, too, to the Panasonic photographer!
And to him, a delayed ‘weigh in’: before you buy the GX9 make sure you get along with the EVF.
I have the GX85 and love that little machine with the PanyLeica 15mm/1.7 despite its viewinder - but it’s a rather big ’despite’.
As far as Panasonic goes I upgraded from the LX7 for which I had the external EVF. It had its shortcomings but was much easier to ‘look through’, to see the entire composition without having to move the eye (I don’t wear glasses) and squint to check focus.
In any case, for me those two small Panasonic ‘X-boxes’ are wonderfully inspiring cameras!

Mike; In regards to writing your book, when doubts assail you, you might think of this:

"Unprovided with original learning, unformed in the habits of thinking, unskilled in the arts of composition, I resolved to write a book."
Edward Gibbon, 1737-1794: Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire

With best regards,


My only Panasonic is the model SD-YD250.

Happy Birthday, Mike. Speaking as someone fairly recently retired, the critical difference between goals prior to retirement and those afterward is that you usually only get nonmonetary rewards for the latter.

Happy three-score and one! Just reached that number a month ago myself, and nothing has fallen off me yet - and I shook a few parts this weekend skidding downhill on my saucer! :^OOOO

Happy Birthday, Mike.

When asked about retiring, I reply that I'll retire when I expire. This photography stuff isn't getting any cheaper or so it seems.


If I have this right, I'm exactly nine years and one day older than you. My birthday was Saturday. So a belated happy birthday!

I retired from working for a living eight years ago. It was the earliest opportunity offered. Retirement's not bad. It doesn't pay as well as working but it gives me plenty of time for the important stuff like taking pictures. And, since I'm naturally lazy, it's really the best job I've ever had.

Happy Birthday Mike! You seem to have a really nice workplace there!

I guess the point of this exercise is to make habits. You seem to have come far, but I - not so much. I was on a business trip and did nothing last week. But I managed to catch the Gursky exhibition in London. It surprised me. The prints, for example the Rhine II, are so much better than their jpg versions. But progress - none this week.

Joyeux anniversaire Monsieur !

Happy birthday, Mike. The second work station was a brilliant idea.

Happy birthday Mike...
Now download Dropbox and backup your writing. You get 2gb free, more than enough for two books.

Happy birthday, Mike.

I'm grateful to you for saying: "My retirement plan is to keep working". It's what I say to people as well, for pretty much the same reasons.

However, work can also be the key to a very successful final third in life. Cartoonist Al Jaffee is still working at 96. Animator Floyd Norman goes into Disney every day at 82. And, last I checked anyway, Elliott Erwitt was still going, well into his 80s.

Let's you and I agree we'll work in good health until we are 100.

Have a wonderful birthday.

Does this qualify me as a Panasonic Photographer?

Happy UnBirthday! (by now)

I'm 65 and I guess that puts me in with the geriatrics. But if there were fifteen months in every year, I'd only be 48. That's the trouble with us. We number everything. Take women, for example. I think they deserve to have more than twelve years between the ages of 28 and 40.

James Thurber

Belated happy birthday Mike, and we all hope you get to work way, way past retirement age!

How is your workspace so tidy? Clone stamp?

[That's not my workspace--I work on TOP on a different computer downstairs. That's just where I work on my books. Plus, I just set it up, so it hasn't had time to get messy. --Mike]

Happy Birthday from Dartmoor ... a celebrstory thought

Just a thought ..... do spare a little thought for the poor old G80 .....
a snip at a third of the price ....

As Gordon Laing at Cameralabs noticed

“In terms of overall image quality I’d say the G80 / G85 delivers slightly crisper images than earlier models which retained the low-pass filter – indeed like the GX80 / GX85 before it, there’s really very little discernable difference in real-life detail compared to 20 Megapixel models, and in many situations you’d be hard-pushed to notice a benefit to 24 Megapixel models either. Don’t believe me? Check out my quality pages!”

So he felt the sensor gave very similar results to the GX8 which still had the filter. So you could buy this and the GX9 and have money left over to celebrate with a bottle of 15 year old Highland Park.

For those still young enough, the best way to retire is to have a guaranteed pension from a government agency, full tenured academia, a crafts-union, etc.

Put in your twenty, than become an angry artist.

One of my favorite quotes, came from the Grateful Dead's Gerry Garcia, I'd sell-out, if only I knew how.

Happy Birthday Mike,

Although I am a few years older...I seem to share many of your interests; I still have my Miata, just sold my sailboat and my youngest just graduated from college (grad school). In fact I just bought her a Panasonic GX85 kit, she loves to travel and wanted the smallest possible camera with interchangeable lenses. I guess the Nikon 1 is smaller but seems to be going obsolete. Anyway I messed around with it (I am a Fuji/Nikon/Olympus guy) and I was really impressed; IBIS, great files, decent kit lens... lots of interesting features. Couldn't tell the difference on the screen between my XT-1 and the Panasonic files. Gave her an old Zukio 50/1.8 with an adapter...now she is asking about "all those old Nikon lenses you never use".

Hope you have a great day....

Feliz Cumpleaños Mike.

"I still don't have offsite backup..."

You don't see the iCloud Drive folder in your Finder windows? Start by putting an empty folder in there.

My Dad told me a retirement joke: The ideal retirement plan is one where the last check you write bounces.

[AppleCare tells me that iCloud is not a backup plan and won't work like one. I've started the backup process on BackBlaze, thanks to Bill Tyler. It's been transferring files for almost a whole day and has barely made a dent in my data! --Mike]

Happy Birthday - a little late.
Looking at your "office" I suggest getting a cushion for that chair. I was having back issues and my better half bought me a "Purple" cushion. The pain in now gone, the cushion along with daily exercises has mostly cured the pains. My pains came from carrying my Pentax K-3II, DA* 16-50mm f2.8, DA* 50-135mm F2.8 and Bower 8mm fisheye all around Europe for two months.

So three things, get a cushion, a chair with arms and a graphics tablet. Upgrade the chair so you can lean on something and have a nice soft spot to sit. Get a graphics tablet, the control you will gain will make you wonder why you ever thought a mouse was a smart idea for photo editing.

Mike, happy birthday, Check out David Thorpe’s new video on the G9. He does a nice job explaining it from a user’s perspective. Rich in Tacoma

Happy Birthday, Mike.
Long may you run!!

Hi Mike, just to say happy birthday and continue to pursue your goals.


It's not too late to change your mind on the weigh in! A7III.... :)

I just noticed something. Your workstation is set up just like mine. Are you a lefty?

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