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Wednesday, 07 February 2018


Just getting over the same thing ... since THANKSGIVING!

Me too! Get well soon Mike.

I’m sorry to hear it. Get better.

By the way, not sure how great it is for a cold, but I have found that for inflamation, capsules of Turmeric is fantastic. It helps me a lot with stomach pains from inflamed stomach lining.

I just noticed your PS to the PS.

At the deep growl subsonic stage of recovery, I amuse myself by singing "Old Man River," "Deep River," and the "beware" part of "Asleep in the Deep." It feels like I'm channeling Paul Robeson.

Sleep is the best medicine. Go. Lie down. Hang a "gone ice fishing" sign on the front door. Check back in on Friday. The Internet will still be here.

I hope you took advantage of that voice-upgrade by re-recording your voicemail message. Then it could live on forever.

I think you’re in good company, Mike. I’d bet a third of your readers are horizontal while reading your site today. Don’t be a hero. The planet continues to rotate. Just take it easy, otherwise you may be living with this until April.

Wish you a good recover, take your time

Two nice things about being retired*...

1) Being able to take a nap whenever the urge strikes.

2) Being able to stay home when it is snowing heavily, as it is right now in southwestern New Hampshire (and as I suspect it is in the Finger Lakes region).

Feel better!

*I imagine that the same holds true for working for yourself and from home, with only a small bit of added guilt compared to being retired! ;-)

Was it the recent shooting of a pretty red roadster into outer space that make you sick?

Lots of "flu-like" conditions going on these days, lots of different strains of the flu going around too. My wife and I have become like a pair of recluses for the past few weeks due to so many being ill in our area. Since we're all in the "advanced age" group, we gotta be careful.

So that’s a PPS.

Get well soon Mike.

Hey Mike, hope you feel better soon. Take care.

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