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Thursday, 22 February 2018


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Life is so weird... (TM)
I can’t imagine any scenario where I’d ever again use a camera this size. But I still get “horny” when I see a new one. Sigh. :-)

Smart move—and motivated, I suspect, by the same marketing logic that has led Fuji to provide performance and functionality upgrades for older bodies through firmware updates: give the customer an inducement to stay with the system and he will keep buying lenses; give the customer enough time to accumulate a large investment in glass and he will will be reluctant to switch to a different system.

All together now!

… back to the D.S.L.R.
 You don't know how lucky you are, boy…

Sorry Mike. Yesterday’s post got me in a nostalgic mood.
It almost worked.

Mike, very gracious of you to feature Pentax. You are a true gentleman.

“Pixel shift (PS)” shifts the sensor up/down/left/right at fractions of a pixel width to obtain a higher-resolution image. “In body stabilization (IBIS)” shifts the sensor in the opposite direction of a camera shake to compensate for a picture-taker’s shaky hands. But if you happen to be shaking the camera upward while PS happens to *want* to move the sensor up, IBIS won’t stop your movement as much. Car metaphor? I guess you can think of IBIS as the gas/brake pedals that can accelerate/decelerate the car. If the car is already moving forward fast enough, IBIS can ease off the gas, and even slow the whole thing down. Heck, it can start putting the whole business in reverse. Um, okay... Makes total sense, right?

I don't know that the strategy of buying a used K-1 and having it upgraded is practical. I've been following the used K-1 market for a while (not too closely), but have noticed that the used prices have not dropped too much. Just looked at ebay sold prices and generally they are in the $1,400 to $1,600 range. There is one that sold at $1,000 but I have never seen another one go that low and it was being sold by a pawn shop. I haven't seen one show up at KEH either. The retail price for new K-1's also has held up since the introduction 2 years ago. I think it means Pentaxians like their K-1's. Personally, I'm hoping for a new mirrorless pentax some day.

[All true but presumably the used market will change now that the K-1 is no longer the current model. Wait and see. --Mike]

Kodak did an upgrade offer for the original 14n.

You could send it back to the factory to be converted into a 14nx with a new sensor and board.

It was almost, but not quite the same spec after conversion as the SLR/n successor to the 14n.

Those of us who have had Ricoh cameras for some time know that this is an evolution of their past practice with the GRD etc. Ricoh also produced Benjamin Marks’ drop in sensor in the shape of the Ricoh GXR and Leica mount unit, the latter containing just the sensor and mount to add to the GXR body unit.

It will never work. 36 megapixels are just not enough by modern standards. Everyone should just dump all their K-1 bodies now. I am accepting K-1 body donations starting today ;)

Just think of all the lucky K-1 owners that can upgrade without memorizing new button positions. It's a win all-round.

It makes a lot of sense to me. Many cameras are incremental upgrades, so why pay for a new body when you can upgrade an existing body. I would go so far, if possible, to build a standardized mount and connection for sensors. You could upgrade the sensor, firmware and maybe some other hardware at a lower cost.

Think of environmental costs including raw materials and energy to transport and convert raw materials to something usable in a factory. The manufacturing and transport to stores around the world. Camera bodies would be less of a throw away product. And as stated above we could concentrate on buying the lenses we want.

Cameras have been essentially computers for almost 20 years now. We're long past the time when upgrade options like this should have become available. Kudos to Pentax for leading the way.

One minor factor that has this retired, out of touch quarterback intrigued with the K1 MkII price and the $550 upgrade offer is what will Ricoh do with the current K1?

They haven’t announced a price drop on the K1 which normally means you’ve sold out all your inventory. However, it’s still listed at $1,896 at B&H. Makes me wonder how many units they’re sitting on?

While the upgrade sure sounds like a nice goodwill gesture to current owners, any remaining new K1’s will not sell through unless they drop the price. Probably doesn’t matter financially to Ricoh if they only have, say, 50 units left. I’ll be interested to see how this plays out.

It’s not really that unheard of, Mike.

A hardware upgrade for another “K” camera in the distant past was offered... The Kodak DCS Pro 14n became the functional equivalent of the DCS Pro SLR/n when it was given a new sensor, memory buffer, and firmware. It was relabeled as a Kodak DCS Pro 14nx. The upgrade cost $1,495 in 2004.

*Sigh* The continuing saga of bad camera naming. The K-1 II? I hope Pentax doesn't plan a K-12.

DAMN! I don't want to buy a new DSLR, but I think that I'll have to get this one as my last (new) camera/lens until Leica comes out with their 100th Anniversary model ($$$) which I've already decided that I will HAVE to buy.

"I believe that's an industry first, at least that I'm aware of."

Leica introduced a "perpetual" upgrade programme in 2008. The first upgrade involved swapping the M8's shutter and LCD cover glass for those being installed on the M8.2 model. However no futher ugrades to make good on the announcement that Leica would keep the M8 state-of-the-art "forever" ever appeared.

Profit or not, the upgrade is work for someone and it moves money around in the economy, so that's good for everyone.

interesting. now i wonder if fuji will offer an upgrade from the Xpro1 to the Xpro2 ??

I think Ricoh Pentax is to be commended. I think it is a great idea, and a way to reward your customers, and make a small additional profit. I keeps customers connected.
Canon has been quite good in adding features to older cameras through firmware updates and last year offered all 5D4 owners a chance to add Canon Log for I think 100 bucks
I think it is great, and responsible.

If Mark II is just Mark I and a different motherboard then that's a good way to avoid having a big stock of unsold old models. Pentax can switch boards and logos of the remaining K1s and have cheap Model IIs for sale. Sounds like someone's been thinking out of the box at Ricoh.

Not an industry first: Leica offered upgrades for the M8 when the M8.2 was released.

"Ricoh has also switched away from using the optionally-available K-AC132 AC adapter kit (which is also compatible with the sub-frame K-3 series cameras) to provide mains power for studio shooting. Instead, it now offers the same, optional K-AC167 kit as used with the Pentax KP."

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