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Sunday, 18 February 2018


Awesome price for the 6D.

(The link to the kit version goes to the body-only version.)

[I think the camera + lens combo sold out, so B&H changed the link. I've removed it from the post now. --Mike]

The 6D is a great little camera and genuine used Canon lenses are not expensive, plus the battery lasts for ever.

I often carry a 6D with a 24mm TSE II lens whilst out on the moors, with an Op/Tech strap. Easy to operate whilst wearing gloves. Much preferable to a Sony A7xxx with adapter, in my opinion.

Ahh, the passage of (not much) time. I can't remember what I paid for my 6D body and looking at this price, I'm pretty glad about that! On the other hand, since it's still all the DSLR I can use, it might be time to double up. And yes, the battery does last forever (and a day).

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