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Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Turntables?....What about a new foto of the Red Chair !

My sweetie and I don't buy into the Valentine's day marketing hype. Another phoney day dreamed up by Madison Ave with it's sole goal aimed directly at draining your pocket book. We strive to make every day special for each other.

As far as the link to the audio page, your a very bad boy Mike! Lost almost an hour in dreamland.

It's also my sister's and my birthday. (We're three years apart and both adopted. Someone at Lutheran Family Services obviously had a twisted sense of humor.)

I have to buy A LOT of cards.

Happy Val's day to you, Mike! Love this place, I do.

It's NOT Valentine's Day - It is St. Valentine's Day.

[Uh, I beg to differ. It certainly is Valentine's Day. "St. Valentine's Day" is a secondary name or "also known as" in almost all dictionaries. It originated as a feast of saints day but it's now a mostly secular holiday celebrating romantic love and affection. A "valentine" is a card of the type exchanged on this day, or a name for a special person to whom one is, or hopes to be, romantically attached. Thus "Valentines Day" or "Valentine's Day"--a day for the exchange of the cards or to honor the special person--is far and away the most common written form. --Mike the Ed.]

Ah the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, I know it well.

I kept the Valentine's card that my wife gave me a few years ago, and have put it on display every year since. It suddenly dawned on me that I'd be wise to keep hold of a good one. The card's not bad either.

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