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Saturday, 03 February 2018


In case anyone has forgotten, there was even a popular Broadway show created many decades ago with the title (and subject) "Damn Yankees".

- Tom -

You could always adopt the Cleveland Browns. Please! They might win a game or two in the FLYFCL -- the Finger Lakes Youth Football and Cheerleading League.

I'm from Boston. Not tired of the Patriots.

From a LinkedIn post last week that is directly connected:


John Gillooly

There's a football game?

Football ended in 1986.

[You from Chicago? --Mike]

Hi Mike,

Possibly first in to caution that since last you checked the NFL has added enough teams for 32, which rather adds to your point.

Patriots have effectively replaced Dallas as the go-to team for non-fans to root for and yes, join the Yankees, Lakers and Man United in serving that purpose. It's sunny and warm so I won't be bothered to watch tomorrow. Maybe go make some photos?

Living not far from where the Patriots play their home games, I get frustrated every time they play. The major road in that area (so major it is called Route 1) is turned into a parking lot.

BTW: they don't play in Boston, they play in a suburb: Foxboro.

I admit to being glad that at least the Vikings aren't going to be playing in it. We still have to cope with the rather major disruptions of having that damned game here.


Also love their kitten half time.

(On Animal Planet)

((We don't need no stinkin' football.))

I live in Boston. Yes, I'm tired of the Patriots. I'm also tired of Marc Marquez (look him up) but I don't expect that to make any difference in 2018 either.

The Yankees need to bring back George Costanza.

Let's also not forget the 16-0 regular season and they got beat. Who I feel bad for? The Bruins and Celtics both are having a great year with young rosters yet you need a magnifying glass to find coverage of them in the papers. And even with the Patriots winning us Bostonians always feel like they're only 1 play Away from disaster!

[I get it. Probably stemming from Red Sox history. In 2004, my Sox fan friend Eddie had to leave the room for half an inning each time the Cards were at bat. With three titles in the modern era he still has "PCSD," "post-curse stress disorder." --Mike]

Pats 31-28
MVP Dion Lewis

In the 50's and 60's the Yankees were my team because of a guy name Mantle. If the Giants had been on the game of the week as much as the Yankees, knowing what I know now, I would have been a Giants fan because of a guy named Mays. The power of the media was in effect even back then.


Commiserations to Vikings fans, at least your new stadium gets to go to a Super Bowl!

I hear there's places bas things happen to them folks as would call football soccer. Just sayin'.

In the first game of the season, Tommy "Thimble-Belly" Brady and his Pats(ies) got beat by The Kansas City Chiefs.

I will hold on to that wonderful memory all day today.

Sic transit gloria mundi, eventually.

Photographers should cheer for Mrs. Brady, who has probably helped far more photographers earn a living than her husband has.

Mike, your true calling, comedy writing. Too funny.

Really, Mike, you know the Yankees have not won 1 of every 2 World Series. Its ONLY 1 of 4!

[Yes. Makes it seem like the deck is stacked. --Mike]

Thanks for the reminder -- to book spring training tickets! Nothing brightens the gloom of a typical EI 1600 winter day in Seattle like the prospect of a week in the desert sun.

Only 10 days until pitchers and catchers report.

A lot of people I know say that NYC would be so much nicer if you could only get rid of all the Yankee fans. I have a brother in law who insisted on wearing a Yankees hat on an extended family outing watching a game from the second row of the Baltimore Orioles owners box over the dugout. A whole game of players prairie dogging to see what was up with the guy in the Yankees hat.

My current sojourn in the San Francisco Bay area is enhanced by a dominant professional sports team with the fan t-shirts that are so cryptic that they don't mention the name of the team, city or sport, just saying "the city" or to confuse things occasionly "the town"

You always root against the big guys!?!? Two words: Green Bay;~}}

Take a deep breath, google Steve Goodman's “A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request,” and think back to those Good Ole Days of October 2016.

Well Mike, the game was as good as the adverts for a change.
But I absolutely LOVED the result. A great night for real football fans everywhere.
Except maybe in New England.

Not many teams can make me cheer for the Patriots however the Eagles are one of that small cadre. Ever since they signed Michael Vick post prison time I have hoped they never win a superbowl - ever! Some evil cant be forgiven.

Note - at the time I wrote this I know they won and it sucks.

I especially liked the RAM commercial with the Vikings packed in the cab and the bed of the truck, all heading to Minneapolis.

That is, until they realized that the Phillies and Pats were playing (and not the Vikings), so they did a U-turn and headed back to Iceland.

You can see it here, on YouTube:


And the extended cut:


Along with the disclaimer, shown at the bottom of the screen: "Never ride in the bed of a truck unless you are an authentic Viking."

The ad featured a couple of cameos, Magnús Ver Magnússon (a famous Viking, 4x strongman champion), and Roger Taylor (from Queen, rowing the boat).

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