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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Thanks for the note, Mike. Those are very good prices for the level of quality- good to know in a time of diminishing suppliers.


Thank you for that link Mike. Those prices seem very reasonable. At this point I only shoot film if I can get it processed at the same time, but I have plenty of older stuff still sitting in the “to be scanned” pile. I can’t wait to see some of those images again

I believe I met Richard Man at Worldcon in Kansas City year before last (2016); the prints he had on display there were excellent. And the prices advertised for scanning look quite good.

Better pricing from http://www.agximaging.com

Excellent service as well I have used them several times. First rate

$12 each up to 4x5 on Hasselblad X5

Hello David Dyer-Bennet, that was indeed me at KC Worldcon. Thanks for the kind words.

re: Doug Dolde, re: 4x5 scan prices. I pegged my prices to drum scan prices, which are $140–$200. I am not entirely sure whether the "race to the bottom" is a good idea, but I may lower my prices to match. OTOH, most of my businesses so far are bulk scan, or develop and scan, which is what I expected.

This is by no means my full time job. More like if I spend all this money on scanners, let's see if we could recoup some of the cost and offer services.

For example, for B&W, if possible, I use the legendary Harvey 777. It really has a distinct look.

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