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Thursday, 25 January 2018


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"good thing I don't have a camera along."

-> "I should carry a weatherproof Olympus at all times."

Always interesting to me how folks think about things differently in the same situation or photographic context. Your first thought was "good thing I don't have a camera with me." My first thought would be, "Cool, I have my X-T2 with me, no worries; maybe I can get a cool pic." If you had had your X-T2 with you, it would not have been an issue either, and you would have been "ready, aye ready".

A plastic grocery bag can come in handy.

You knew it was coming from the commentariat:

Tom Lehrer (with apologies to the Boy Scouts):


I think you have been trying to use "random staccato" in a post for long time and finally found a way...

[That's as good an explanation as any for this post. Let's just be charitable and say I sometimes have nothing to say. :-) --Mike]

I didn't know about the motto, so that was really interesting Mike. But you do realise that our ancestors were border reivers. Nowadays we would call them bandits. Oh well it could be worse!

I've seriously considered getting that shield tattooed somewhere. Though in my case it would be purely ironic.

Just maybe, given the motto, the belt on your crest might be accompanied by a pair of suspenders...

Don´t expect anything. Be prepared for everything. / Samurais and street photographers.

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