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Monday, 22 January 2018


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And yet...

"Rachael Talibart named Black & White Photographer of the Year 2018"


I understand that the last thing you need is another project on your plate, but I can already picture a touching photo essay of these octogenarians shooting pool -- and who better to shoot (get the double entendre?) than you?

I think a photo essay is in order. Think about the ages of those guys and the stories they could tell...The older I get the more I value the tales the old folk tell.

Well, I remembered to send one in, this time. With the last Baker's Dozen, I left it until the very last day, then came home exhausted and aching and didn't even think about it until the next morning. Let that be a lesson to me!

I sent my submission last week. It was hard selecting just one photo for a theme of 'Color', and in the end, my picture actually has TWO colors (although just barely).


I only played billiard once with my father, 2 months before he died at 97. The last time he played was in 1932, before he met my mum. He was 24 at the time.
Guess what? He beat me.

Mike, I'd like to submit a color image for tonight. I can't find guidelines on file size or where to upload it. I'm assuming JPEG. What's the process? Thanks.

And my job made me miss the deadline... :(
Oh well, at least I know reading your post will be lots of fun. Whenever I find time to read it...

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