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Friday, 19 January 2018


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Hi Mike,
I just clicked on your link to Apple and it showed photo walks at the Albany, NY store and at the one in Holyoke, MA so it seems as if these walks are offered at many of the Apple stores.

Apple is doing these photo walks across the country from what I was told. I’m going to my local Palm Beach Gardens FL store tomorrow to participate in their walk. I’m curious to see how they manage these events.

When are you being this to Anchorage, AK?

When are you bringing (stupid spell check) this to Anchorage, AK?

I gather from an email advert that it's Apple-wide. For instance, here in the Boston area, where the number of Apple stores is creeping towards that of Dunkin' Donuts, the schedule is spread over the map. For the two days listed, there are seven courses. One is given four times (Telling a Story), four are given twice and three are given once. Eleven bites at the Apple in two days, as it were. The scheduling suggests that there must be at least four instructors. Perhaps each instructor handles only one course, in which case there are at least seven. It would be interesting to know how the instructors have been recruited. Presumably some are identified through the Apple program of licensing photos from users.

"Are other Apple stores doing this?"


... and in U.K.

All of the Aussie stores.

Maybe this is the right opportunity to vent my pet peeve regarding TOP's layout.

Now imagine, that TOP also would be easy to read in a smartphone-adapted layout. As it still is - with most web-user accessing sites on smartphones most of the time - TOP really requires the use of at least a tablet (a waning species) or better still a notebook or PC. There are billions "out there in the wild" not even remembering, when they last used such a critter.

Maybe you even loose the biggest part of your potential readers that way.

Of course, I may just be blind, since I have not discovered how to make TOP readable (more than just barely accessible) on a smartphone.

@Kurt Friis Hansen: Works fine on my iPhone, one tap on the page expands the main column to full width on the phone, portrait mode.

@Greg: Yes, but text is far to small for my eyes - even when using glasses and my big 5.5” iPhone 8 Plus (especially in portrait mode). On my iPhone 6 (4.7” inch screen) I gave up using TOP completely (also in landscape mode).

Better smartphone adapted web-sites even let you select your preferred text size, and for once cookie-storage becomes useful.

I tried to enter this on my 8 plus, and I am barely able to use landscape mode text sizes. I‘d still prefer something a bit larger for the fully expanded entry box.

@Kurt Friis Hansen: you can use the “reader” view in Safari which allows you to make the text larger or smaller and change the font and background. This won’t help with comments. I don’t understand your problem with the text box (unless you have something in “Settings” that is controlling it) as the size seems OK to me on iPhone 7+ and can be resized to fill the screen, so how could it be bigger?. The solution is to type your comments into Notes and then copy/paste in the comment box.

All of the Apple Stores in New Jersey are offering photo walks. Which I find curious since all of the Apple Stores in New Jersey are in indoor shopping malls surrounded by highways. I’m wondering what sort of interesting architectural photography is possible within a shopping mall.

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