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Saturday, 02 December 2017


(I’m confused, I had not even heard that iPads were refreshed this year.)

I am with you. Since it first came out, the iPad has been my greatest non-breathing love in life. The 13-incher is amazing, and I use for just about everything.
(It illustrates my love that I have a little-read blog about tablets/ereaders, ereaderjoy.com )

By the way, for me, what really makes the iPad shine is having it in a big floor stand, ready to swing in over my easy-chair anytime I want to google something, check email, write a post, read, or whatnot. It’s SF. (Not San Francisco, but Science Fiction.)

There is some concern with the newer keyboard design and dust issues on the MacBook. It can be an expensive repair when out of warranty.

Regarding the iPad, it’s always my device of choice to read, browse the web and watch movies.

I recently got an iPad Pro (10.5") and it is luscious. I got the 512GB model, as it is replacing my 2011 MacBook Air. There was nothing wrong with the MBA, I had even upgraded it to High Sierra with no issues.

But with a keyboard case, the iPad Pro is now a capable replacement. Today I added Affinity for photo editing, now I need the Pencil to make a complete kit.

Anyone want to buy a MacBook Air? Great Christmas present!

The so-called "butterfly keyboard" that is in the latest MacBook Pro designs is nearly useless for serious writing; it's for typing into web forms and chat. I'm sure it's possible to adapt, but for me it's not worth the effort. The previous keyboard, which is still available in the cheaper models, is excellent and really the standard for a great writing tool. Honestly, I think Apple just gets bored and changes things that work well for no reason. They had the best laptop on Earth since around 2007, but the lack of visual change in the design finally drove them to put out something worse.

Just FYI for iPad users I have had a problem since I upgraded to latest sw I have iPad Air 2, when I book mark articles instead of putting them at bottom of page they disappear and get mixed in with already saved bookmarks . It also happens on my iPhone, I have not upgraded yet on phone because once it started happening on pad I am scared what will happen to phone.Any bookmark I save goes to same place on phone and pad, I have to waste time going through bookmarks to find.Applecare customer service have been working with me transferring screen shots going thru setting etc,, but just getting double speak at this point about syncing with cloud. My daughter found away around by saving to home screen, but that doesn’t solve this customers problem. So just beware if this happens to you, Apple has no answer after two weeks.

Regarding the I-Pad, I already have one and I'm not sure I see the point in paying US$1200 for a new one. I thought they were supposed to be a cheaper alternative to a laptop.
(Just as a side-point, I was in the hospital recently and everyone there has a tablet. Not sure they were iPads.)
Regarding the Mac Book Pro, thanks but no thanks.
I bought two of the old ones (2015? 2016?). Ya'know, the ones with the Mag-safe plug, the card slot, the USB plugs. The things that I need.
When they eventually die, as they will, I will look into the much broader and less expensive choices available in Windows laptops.
Apple has made it clear that they don't care about me. I no longer care about them.

Great timing Mike. I was going to purchase an iMac this weekend at a local store, but your post prompted me to use your link. Btw, I love my iPad Pro 12.9 inch, on which I’m typing this.

Funny, why is the screen taller in the profile view of that MacBook Pro than in the frontal view?

It was recently time to update my 15” laptop and I was looking for something much lighter to pack in my gear bag. I had pretty much written off the iPad as a serious tool but as I couldn’t afford the latest MacBook Pro model that I wanted I had to seriously re-evaluate what I actually needed a mobile computer for rather than what I assumed I did. I had been far too influenced by Youtubers telling me that I needed absolute top power if I was a serious professional. I was watching reviews of liquid cooled processor powered laptops! Thankfully I got a grip on reality. Turns out I don’t need it for that much work at all - not including web browsing and entertainment - when I’m on the go. I have a powerful desktop and my mobile needs were quite simple, mostly back up of all my files, delivery of some selects with Lightroom only adjustments and some occasional posting on Social Media. I have so far never needed to produce full retouched iamges and deliver to clients while on a shoot, and if it ever happens I have an app that can do that too but so far it remains unused. I think as pros we all might subscribe to the idea that we need the fastest but it just might not necessarily be true. I love using the iPad Pro 2 12.9 and it’s even lighter than the 13 in MacBook Pro. I was also tempted by the Microsoft Sruface for a while but went off it a bit – but that’s a whole other story.

The best thing about iPads: they have 4:3 screens just as my m43. And they are also more convenient with vertical images.

You have a separate charger for your Kindle Paperwhite? I just plug it in to my Phone's charger or my USB charger that came with my old dead phones over the last 10 years. You can also charge it using your computer with a mini-USB cable.

Sounds to me like you need to dig out your USB cable stash and plug that sucker in.

I too dislike the keyboard on the new MB Pros. Never made so many typos in my life (even compared to when I typed poorly). Double key hits are closer to the rule than the exception.

Posted from my several year old iPad. Typed on a little Logitech keyboard which is less mistake prone than the big keyboard on my 15" MB Pro.

"The new oversized 12.9" iPad Pro is stunning in this role (you will need at least a 6-MP camera to show off its talents, heh heh)".

Nice to see that finally the iPad can display the photos taken with a digital camera from 2003.


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