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Friday, 22 December 2017


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Bought my copy at Amazon this morning.

Only 13 copies left after I checked ou.

Thanks for your efforts, Mike, but this will be indeed hard to get. H+I in Amazon add close to 60$ of shipping costs and the publisher webshop messes up royally my shipping details. Oh the joys of e-commerce!

Happy holidays for you and your readers and commenters!

Sometimes one can feel robbed by shipping costs, but I try to look on it as, in this case for example, a $60 book and $8 for shipping and packaging.
Makes me feel better anyway.

The show of Judy Dater’s work will be held at the San Francisco DeYoung museum in Golden Gate Park starting April 7 next year, running into mid September. The link to info about the show is:


Judy Dater book "Currently Unavailable" on Amazon link. Maybe we can sell-out this book/catalog in its first printing before her show even opens in April ? As a collectors item, with great investment potential...could be,kiddies.

Just ordered from the publisher link - looking forward to it! The book recommendations from Mike are one of my favorite things about the blog. Collecting photo books has become a hobby of mine because of Mike's reviews and suggestions. I recently purchased and really enjoyed the Gordon Parks: Collected Works.

Happy Holidays to everyone in the TOPSphere!


I can't believe that the publisher's website doesn't have Australia on the list of countries on the registration page. But New Zealand, yes.

Shipping stuff around makes up much more than the cost printing my book project by far.

As I mentioned earlier I designed my book project around the price of paper and shipping.

Shipping ( my cost, not counting the packaging ) is less than $8 for my book in the US. Of course, I have to get it shipped to me from the printer/binder which is a bit as well, but there is a price break for 10 tons of books, although it took a LOT of shopping around. One company wanted 7 times as much as who I am using.
Want to see how much shipping for a 4.5 kilo book is internationally?
http://photooftheday.hughcrawford.com/some-photos-of-that-day-book-shipping-costs That's $66-$76 for medium size USPS flat rate up to 20 pounds which is the cheapest by far.

The cheapest non-postoffice shippers come in at about 3 times what the post office charges.

Books that weigh less than 4.4 pounds (2 kilos) are a lot cheaper per pound.

I could write a book... ☺

Thanks for bringing this book to our attention, over the years you've steered me to a number of wonderful publications I would not otherwise have been aware of. Re how to buy, I just ordered from the publisher at the link you provided, couldn't have been easier and they charged 6.50USD for shipping to Canada which seems more than reasonable. No idea when it will arrive but looking forward to it whenever it is.


Well, I followed your link, placed an order with the museum, and my CC has the charge pending. Given the experiences of others, did I just get lucky?

In keeping with the season, I'll say, "Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia" (check with your sister-in-law for translation from Polish.) Starting tomorrow, and a large part of Sunday, I'll be busy preparing for the Christmas Eve "Wigilia," doing my best to keep a tradition from my boyhood a little bit alive. Some of the customs don't agree with what one finds on the web, but apparently the SE corner of Poland had its own take on customs, as well as a somewhat different way of speaking Polish. For example, wigilia, strictly speaking, is pronounced vee-gee-lee-ah, while amongst my relatives, it was pronounced wee-lee-yah.

Part of the tradition is to set a place at the table for an unexpected guest. Mike, if you happen to be in SE PA Sunday, give a call, I'll give you directions.

Just sawfrom the internet, the photo is amazing. Already ordered to send to my cousin's US address total about USD 60.- else shipment cost to Singapore is USD 60.- on top of the book.

Thanks for the amazing find.

Have a great Christmas holiday season. May you be recharged and rested when you come back.

(Of course, I ordered my copy of your book of the year. It's a no brainer. I have learned so much about photography by simply following the advice you give out. Thanks again.)

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