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Thursday, 21 December 2017


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Tried to buy it on the spot but... shipping (by mail) was 110% the price of the book!!! Let's hope Amazon will eventualy stock it.

OK, it is ordered.
It will be interesting to see if I agree with you......

Ordered - thanks for the tip.

Just looked at the website - and you're really looking into the future. I t says the anticipated ship date is Jan 2019.

Ordered it! I wish you could get some benefit from the link.

Placed my order immediately. The website said the book is backordered with shipping expected in January 2019. I hope that was a typo, but I'm willing to wait if I have to.

I have met Judy and was very impressed, both with her work and with her as a person.

I was a few years behind Judy at San Francisco State, when I studied with Jack Welpott their marriage had recently ended and the book they did together a sacred tome.
Several years latter I studied with Judy at ICP in NYC, I can't remember too much about the workshop except that I had given up coffee for several months and brought a cup to the class and fully felt the intoxication of caffeine.
You mention the photo of Twinka and Imogene and I realized that I used to see Judy as Twinka but now as Imogene.

Looks like an excellent, engaging, thoughtfully constructed book, Mike. (I think I met Judy at some even a few years back.)

I think every person with a serious interest in photography, whether or not they're a practicing photographer, should have a personal My Photo Book of the Year". We're in the midst of a photo book explosion. But one's personal BOY doesn't even have to be new or expensive. Just some discovery new to them that's caught their imagination and delight. It should be an annual goal.

The publication date is Dec 2017, so that's the right year. It makes the book fall into listmast, the period of the year in which books published fall in the cracks for the best-of lists (eg. my tallying of the 2016 photobook lists). The book is available via amazon, although for now via a third-party seller, the SoCal visual arts bookstore Hennessey + Ingalls, which appears to have inventory.

To Rodolfo: same here - shipping to Germany with 'priority mail' (only option) costs more than the book itself, which is telling. Still I think the book will be worth it, so I had to order it...

Ordered on your recommendation. I’m an outdoor photographer, but strangely or not, I most enjoy seeing what people I other areas are up to. It sure if it’s lack of photo jealousy (since I shoot other stuff) is what. Fingers crossed.

I like B&W books. A signed copy is even better. The price of $49 is attractive enough. The shipping cost is $62. I am still scratching my head and dragging my feet.

It is now on Amazon, 13 copies left.

For me, shipping was nearly 60 dollars, plus tax and excise would mean a 100 dollar surcharge. No way.

April 6 through Sept 18 at the De Young.

OK, Ordered. The museum's price to ship to Israel was 2.5x the cost of the book, so I'm sending it to a safe place in the US to pick up later. And purchasing from the publisher. I hope they have some left for when the exhibit opens...

Unfortunately I can't buy every photo book I want and this one looks like it will be hard to obtain. I have "Judy Dater Twenty Years" so at least I can study her early work. There are some stunning portraits. I note that her subjects stare straight into the camera (occasionally with their eyes closed). And they are never smiling. I like that. I hate it when someone takes my picture and tells me to smile. I feel so silly smiling.

Now not available at Amazon. I suppose all sold out. Seems to me TOP can make sales fly through the roof. Mike wields great power with his words.

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