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Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Will she be teaching photography, or rather how to tell a crowd of assistants what to do and then come in at the last moment to press the shutter release button?

[end snark]

Sorry Mike, but I am not a Leibovitz fan.

Also in the series is Ron Howard teaching how to direct a movie. Now that I would pay for, despite not having any interest in directing movies, but his always seem well shot, from a photographic standpoint, so I suspect I'd have a lot to learn.

I'd also pay to hear Helen Mirren talk for however long the class lasts. I might not learn a thing, but that wouldn't bother me that much.

If I was trying to sell a portraiture class I would start with a more flattering portrait of Annie. Probably using this printer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RElgiE8_Y0Y

Clicked on the FAQ section, what you get for your money is a set of pre-recorded videos and feedback from other participants.

Not so hot then.

She's desperate for money.

[Geez, Gene, that's not a very charitable thing to say. Would you say that of Ron Howard or Dustin Hoffman too? They also teacher Master Class courses. --Mike]

The class doesn’t interest me - I don’t do portraits, and if I did I’d probably look for someone with a different style to learn from. But...

My wife and I and a friend if hers went to hear Annie speak at the Nourse auditorium in San Francisco last week and she was delightful. For someone at her level of fame and notoriety she seemed very modest and self-deprecating on stage. I was pleasantly surprised.

One person’s detailed review of the Annie Leibovitz class is posted here.

Yes, these classes sound interesting. But the magic these people wield isn’t teachable. Like Annie, it’s often the result of a lifelong collage of opportunities, skills / talents, and, sometimes most importantly, personal traits and determination. So I’d watch these classes mostly for entertainment value. You’re not going to learn immediately useful “secrets”.

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