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Thursday, 28 December 2017


My wife donated my last paper cutter/trimmer to a local church garage sale and I've been looking (not very hard) for a replacement. Now I can stop looking.

Thanks Mike.

"Invaluable," as in "of value," or "valuable."

Kind of like "inflammable."

Those considering the X-T1 should check the various kit options, too. The 18-55mm zoom is reasonably fast with a pleasing character. I consider the kit price of ~$250 a good deal for the only zoom lens I ever liked. Man, I picked a bad time to be broke!

You must be psychic. I've long-needed a larger trimmer and decided to buy one by year-end. It was already in my Amazon cart when I read this reminder. Voila! I bought a 28" trimmer (via your link) at B&H for less than half what I would have paid at Amazon!

Thank you, Mike.

I'm having trouble parsing what a "Full Digital Palm Grip" is.
All gloves are digital, that's what differentiates them from mittens.

Full digital would imply that there was some sort of partial digital glove that would only partially cover your fingers - which is what these do, so why aren't they called partial digital?

If there was some way that the palm could do the gripping they would have grip(ing) palms.

I shudder to think what sort of anatomical horror a digital palm would be, some sort of mansquid?

I can only deduce that it is optimized for climbing palm trees with all your fingers.

If only Kieth Richards had these ( google Kieth Richards palm tree and write your own digression )

Am I over thinking this?

This is worse than the writing about writing about writing that you were blogging about a couple days ago that I started to write a comment about but as Terry Pratchett would say that was turtles all the way down and the meta-meta-meta-alarm kicked in.

Anyone know where I might be able to find a new blade for a Rotatrim Eurocut 26? Not listed on the Rotatrim website as far as I can see.

My son is in need of video lighting kit and you just saved me $800 on a pair of really sweet variable color temp led panels. TOP rules!

Keith Richards, not Kieth. Or Keef, but not Kieth.


not for this thread particularly, but you might alert your readers that Amazon (at least U.S.) has Adobe CC Photo Plan annual for $89.99, and provide link to that from your site. It can be applied to an existing plan to extend it.

Happy New Year, and keep up the good work


I won't give up my Nikor 24" Rotary Trimmer I purchased used thirty years ago at one of my and your favorite places, Darkroom Aids in Chicago. It was pretty beat up then but still works great. Even though I rarely mount prints anymore, I still use it four or five times a year for other projects. I wish I could have taken advantage of the B&H deals, but you still got credit for a lot of my Christmas shopping.

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