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Tuesday, 26 December 2017


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You win; I made to just after 10AM. And this was just my second white Christmas, though it all fell the day before.

I do appreciate it, and I congratulate you.

My commiserations for the sleep problems that rule your life, Mike.

As for me, I sleep in roughly 2 hour cycles caused by tinitus, followed by a wait till the next cycle kicks in. My doctor suggested that I use medication, but I told him I wasn't interested in drug induced comas. I've learned to manage the condition with help from my local tinnitus association, by way of a seminar.

That's an impossible Christmas Day dream with a 6 year old son. Good for you, sir.

I couldn't do that unless I was sick. It's been years since I have done anything like that, and then only because of jet lag or when I would work night shifts.

Even as a kid, I never did it, 'cause the Old Man would never tolerate such a lazy slacker when there was always work to be done. If there was none, he'd find it for me. Then there was hunting season in the autumn when none of us would even want to sleep late. Or trapping season which lasted until February and you had to get up well before the sun to check the traps.

Nowadays, there is occasional landscape photography that requires me to get up well before sunrise.

If I stay in bed past 7:30AM, I feel sort of disgusted with myself. The only reason I would stay in bad that late is because of my better half who figures weekends are the time to loaf around in bed until 9:30 or so. Eeeewww!

I got up at my usual 7ish. The diuretics I'm on for my dodgy kidneys made sure of that!

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