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Friday, 01 December 2017


Phase One just announced Capture One 11. It has layers.

Several commenters have, in the past, complained about the move toward subscription software such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365. Phase One releases upgrades once a year or so which amounts to about the same cost as a subscription but is completely optional.

Some more info on the forthcoming Fujifilm X1H: It will have a top LCD display like the GFX, and internal f-log recording. I would also expect it to be a big bigger, to dissipate heat more effectively, and possibly accomodate a larger battery. It may also include a film preset for the Fujifilm cinema filmstock, Eterna. I would also not be surprised if Fuji did not beef up the stiffness of the lens mount to accomodate the longer and heavier X-mount "MK" cine lenses to maintain the proper lens flange to sensor tolerances. These are the sorts of details that Fujifilm thinks through that most folks never even think about (read their white paper about the lens mount for the GFX, for example)

Expected to ship February 2018 and will likely be priced around $2K (which is the price for its main competition, the Oly E-M1 MkII and Panasonic GH5. Info from FujiRumors, which has had
>95% accuracy in predicting forthcoming Fujifilm products for the last few years.

$2K for a crop camera... where is this leading to.

I'm sure it won't be crap but it's still a crop.

"The new Fujifilm "X-T2S" with IBIS (in-body image stabilization) has been re-named the X-H1..."

Well, I guess that should end your search for a new camera body.

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