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Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Not a fan of the graphite version, but at $650 for the black body- that's still a whole lotta camera for the price!

I had one of those. I sold it and bought an X-T2, which is much improved over the X-T1. But I bought a black X-T2. Why did I do that? I miss that silver beauty. In my opinion the silver X-T1 is a better buy than the X-T20.

I'm with ya on that one, Mike. I pined after the Graphite Silver X-T1 pretty hard all through the latter part of 2014 and all of 2015. I wanted one of those REALLY badly.

Man, it's gorgeous. Still a great camera...

Just when I said that no camera has excited me since 2011, I have to admit that at this price, this one at least gets my attention. Even without the paint job, it would. Perhaps more so.

I'd be tempted, but I know I don't need it, especially since as a Thanksgiving present my department was notified that our jobs would all disappear after the New Year. So much for the myth that Japanese companies don't lay off employees.

Bought from your link to B&H. Hopefully I did it correctly so you'll get credit for it!

My damn [lack of] impulse control!

Okay, I ordered one. Via your link, of course. Merry Christmas.

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