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Friday, 15 December 2017


As Karl Lagerfeld once said, "black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means."

Here's a link to a great Calvin and Hobbes that explained it very well.


Black and white! You'll be selecting submissions until the end of days...

Now, Mike, you're tapping on those young dudes, how about drawing upon the older geezers, the over 70s, say, who are not yet,er,tapped out? I bet you've got a lot of readers in that age bracket.

Hmm, b&w photos in sRGB?

[It's just a profile. It does grays just fine. And it displays most readily in my blog software and without problems on the Web. So yup, sRGB! --Mike]

What's the email address?????

[It's in the post...just supply the symbols. It's probably useless for me to try to disguise my email address, but I get LOTS of spam. --Mike]

Are tones allowed? Sepia etc.

[Yes. --Mike]

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