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Wednesday, 27 December 2017


I received an email today, that the copy I ordered has shipped. Can't wait!

If you go to the de Young and have the time, the view from the roof is worth a few minutes.

Mike, thank you for the recommendation, I ordered a copy from the museum the day after you posted, and the shipping was estimated to be in mid-January. I received the notification yesterday that it should be at my door during the first week of January. Thank you again, your book recommendations have always been stellar.

Shipping from the museum store was fast, professional with several notices, and since I live not far, inexpensive. The book is a gem, and what's remarkable is that, even accounting for "listmas", nobody else in the photography world had singled it out as a 2017 standout. When I say that, I am referring to about 100 makers of lists of best, notable, or favorite 2017 photobooks that I am compiling to produce the 2017 meta-list.

I visited the de Young today for another exhibit (I'm lucky to live nearby) and bought the book. And a de Young membership. That got me 10% off the book, and admission to the show. It also turns out that the membership is deductible for tax purposes, so that was a nice little 12/31/17 bennie.

Thanks for the recommendation, Mike!

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