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Monday, 18 December 2017


I enjoyed the post on Jack Nicholson and Barthes.

It's your blog. Write what you want. People will tend to skim and scan for posts that interest them and skip the rest!

I'm with ya on this this one, Mike....the odds of me reading an opaque, difficult-to-read book of essays on photography by a French post-Structuralist literary theorist are, um, well....zero.

OTOH, I was looking forward with much anticipation to reading your "TOP Camera of Year" article promised for Monday (today) all weekend long.


Well, terrible is clearly too strong a word, but, um, idiosyncratic might do. I enjoyed this morning's meanderings, although I did rather expect to find what you teased in a previous post: "...Monday morn: TOP Camera of the Year and TOP Photo Book of the Year"

Can't speak for others but it's precisely those blogs that keep me checking in. Thanks for sharing.

Everything I buy from B&H or Amazon, I buy through your links even movie rentals. I have them bookmarked in tabs on my browser.

The latest book on Barthes is the detective thriller "The seventh function of language" by Laurent Binet. A great read about the intellectual scene in Paris. In the English-speaking world an intellectual is a person who has been educated beyond his abilities. But Barthes was a French intellectual, which is of course different.
And he was probably murdered.

You are not a terrible blogger Mike. If you were this would not be the only blog I read. Keep up the good work. Also I don't think that the folks that read your blog want to hear about gear all the time. You keep a nice balance, which is why we like you.

I always value reading Ken Tanaka's insights. This is what makes TOP such a special place for photography.

For me, the very easy choice for runner-up is the Fujifilm X100F. Its predecessor, the X100T, was a great camera, but the major new improvements in the X100F; the new sensor, image processor ASIC, AF system, AF joystick, & Acros film preset, and Fuji's constant dedication to engineering refinements, however subtle, e.g. better knobs, switches, haptics, finer control feel, add up, as they did with the X-T2 in 2016, to a signficantly better camera. One that is better than the sum of its parts. In particular, the pairing of the new 24 megapixel sensor, the X-Pro Processor III imaging engine and the Fujifilm f/2.0 lens results in a synergy with respect to image quaity that can be breathtaking.

And, I can't think of a camera better designed to allow photographers to do "good work". LIke the Leica M10 for Ken, or the X-T2 for Mike, the little X100F provides me with great joy when I am out photographing with it. And, with the holiday season fast approaching, having more joy in life is a wonderful thing. ;-)

As a result, I think the X100F realizes its "design intent" more perfectly than any camera I've ever used.

Manuel: "Aw c'mon, Camera Lucida is not that difficult to read."

Caveat: Skip the first chapter; it's incomprehensible. The rest of the book is worthwhile.

I think Mr. Bradbury is correct. I come here not just for interesting photography related material, no, I come here because you are a bit of a car nut, and you've even mentioned a good word or two about Dave Brubeck. Where else can I get such a combination?

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