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Thursday, 23 November 2017


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As a descendant of John Alden & Priscilla Mullins, Happy Thanksgiving to you, Dave and all the other Mayflower people. And everyone else. We're all in this together.

Nice looking fire pit! (sarcasm alert) Not a bad snap, but you cut the top off of the cable reel (end of sarcasm alert).

By your definition of photograph all my paid advertising work was nothing but snaps. As an anonymous craftsman, I'm OK with that. Not being an artiste makes life easier—no mental anguish needed, doing the job is all that is required.

BTW the Embrey family were Huguenots that arrived in Virginia in the early 1600s. Some of my other ancestors were here to greet them.

The thread of craft inevitably emerges from those who will do the best they can.

As a decendant of those who had no idea what the sailing vessel on the horizon would actually portend, when Hernando Cortez and his Conquistadors first came to explore Mexico in 1518, Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mike. Had to mention that my wife Emily is descended from John and Priscilla Alden. There are a variety of items around her relatives' homes with the words, "Speak for yourself, John."

I counted all the blessings today ... there were more than there was yesterday. Wish you a Wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with your friends.

Looks like you and Clint Eastwood have more in common than you may have thought....

Thanks for sharing!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Mike and all our cousins across the sea. I think most of the folk on the Mayflower were non conformists who were from the Suffolk and South Norfolk areas. But happily for us Devon folk there is a Devon connection.
After setting out in ? 1620 they stayed their last night in Plymouth and stayed in what was Blackfriars. It had been a Monastery until the middle of the 16 th Century.
Happily where they spent the night on their very last night in England was that very building. You can go there now. Even better it is the home of the oldest Gin Distillery in England. Plymouth Gin is the Gin of the Navy and unlike London Gin which can be made anywhere Plymouth Gin can only be made here. It is a great tour and if you drink in the magnificent bar you are in the very room your forebears slept in all those centuries ago.
So its a great outing and quite a thing to stand where they stood ... even better with a glass of the best gin in your hand

15 generations of religious fervor!

I thought Johnstons were Scots born and bred. What's with all this claiming of a more Southern heritage? My Kirkpatrick ancestors stuck it out in the Marches and Galloway a bit longer, then slowly diffused westward, through England and ireland, but it took several hundred years.

Happy Thanksgiving regardless.

Interested in what Tom Burke said. As my mother always said ...as a devout Anglican ... “ remember it is the anglocatholic church”. I realised when travelling abroad whether in Denmark, Germany or indeed Scotland how different we were from those with true protestant zeal.
I sometimes wonder though why more didnt head north over the border to Scotland. Too cold perhaps, and too much rain!

Not only Clint Eastwood but one George Eastman as well!

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