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Tuesday, 07 November 2017


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Reviews of this kind of cameras are alright if one just can or cannot afford it. But if one could but shouldn't, they're devastating. Please refrain from doing more in the future.

Seriously, in short: I wish it were mine, sniff...

Excellent wrap to a very thorough and practical commentary, Stephen. It’s certainly the best practical review of the GFX I’ve seen.

Having just returned from a long trip I’ll begin my promised appendix notes...just as soon as I get my clock realigned to home. (I left Chicago at the end of summer and spent weeks in a tropical paradise, then returned to a very cold, dreary Chicago fall! Ahh-choo!)

@Ken Tanaka:

Thanks, Ken, for the kind words. I look forward very much to you promised appendix notes on the Fuji GFX.


Thank you for your review. Yes the proof is in the printing for me too. Personal opinion, but prints are where I am at. I had a Canon 5DsR for a year and the extra megapixels showed even 15 inch prints. But the lack of improvements in dynamic range, or as you put it roll off in the highlights and shadows was sorely missed. In small comparison prints between it and my Olympus EM-1 I could see no difference in the highlights or shadows. 10 inch prints. So I sold it before it lost its value. So I sit here today and have put it on my shopping list. Thank you for confirming what I have heard from others. Next I will need to play with one for a few hours too. Thanks. Len

It’s delightful to get a review from real photography rather than testing boards or line pair resolution. Thank you. Any chance you’d be up to rent a Hassy X1d next and compare the two? I’d love to know how they compare in the real world...

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