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Monday, 13 November 2017


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Now that appears to be the model Leica 50mm I had with my M3. Don't still have it now though, so won't be playing this period. (Huh; did shoot a photo with a Leica-branded lens last week actually, but it's a very dull sample photo, just verifying that my LX3 worked on the way to listing it on Ebay. And I've shipped it, so I can't quick shoot something interesting.)

Hoo boy, now you’ve done it , this should be interesting...

Best trundle over to the local high school and get 20 or so volunteers for the photo-filtering process, Mike.


Can I contribute a B&W picture?

[Only if it was taken with a Leica- or Leitz-branded lens. --Mike]

If I understood it correctly, my Panasonic Leica ME 45mm (micro-4/3) qualifies. I must try to find a photo for you.


PS. My favourite day is dedicated to the net trolls out there - International CAPS LOCK day (October 22nd)

I looked back in my files for some shots taken with my first digital Leica, the M8 and discovered to my horror that one of my favorites was taken with a Zeiss 21. But I was also using a collapsible Summicron 50, purchased around 1969 when it was already pretty experienced, so I think I can take part in this.

Caramelised onion hummous: is there a nicer food known to humanity?

My Oxford English-Hebrew dictionary includes humus as organic matter, and doesn't say anything in either direction about hummus. It's a curious omission, as Israel could not function without hummus.

My Panasonic DMC-LX7 has "Leica" written on the lens. Does that count?

Do the rules include Panasonic/Leica lenses?

Uh, if Leica-branded counts, are you opening the door the more smartphone photos, courtesy of the Huawei-Leica tie-up?

Also, now I want some hummus.

הומוס a few bars and we'll fake it.

Miriam Webster? I thought her name was Merry Ann...

[Americans can't spell "Merriam".... --Mike]

How about a scan of a print made with a Leitz 100/4.5 V-Elmar enlarging lens? (The only Leitz lens I’ve ever owned.)

[I think that's pushing the boundary a little too far. --Mike]


I know I am in a good conversation with a group of people when someone stops and says "Why are we talking about hummus?" Long pause. "What started this?" Long pause. "Oh yeah, highly regarded German camera lenses." Of course, that makes perfect sense.
I am heartened when I see it happen in text/email/forum threads.

If the person (Nigel) who uses a Leitz projector lens (presumably not for projecting) can tell use how he uses it, I'd be very grateful! I've just found out that my ancient Leitz Pradovit Color is non-functional, and I'm trying to work how NOT to send it to the tip! I've asked my large format friends if they are interested with no great results so far. Mine is a 90mm 1:2.5.

I have a 50mm "Industar 22", a Russian copy of a collapsible Elmar, adopted to work with m43 Olympus. Does it count?

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