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Friday, 03 November 2017


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If I get to heaven and my dogs can't come, I don't want to go.

You should checkout Corel Paintshop Pro 2018. There is a standard one plus Ultimate. They were just upgraded so they are on special for $35,$40 for standard to $50,$60 for the Ultimate, which I recommend. You can find coupons, codes on the web.
I refuse to pay monthly fees for a software.
It works similar to the adobe software and is fairly comprehensive
Just to say I'm not a professional, made a few bucks over the years but not enough to live on.

XKCD explicitly allows you to use his comics on your site! https://xkcd.com/license.html

You can even hotlink them so it uses his bandwidth and not yours. What a nice guy!

About the XKCD cartoon -- non-digital assets also age. The culture moves, the media that records it doesn't, although there is some possibility (as yet unfulfilled) that digital media eventually will. I once wrote a book (a thriller) with a mildly humorous moment at the end where the hero didn't have a desperately needed quarter to use a payphone. That was only 27 years ago. I suspect there are now millennials who have never seen a payphone, much less needed a quarter to use it.

I tried Capture One, decided to switch. Created a new C1 catalog by importing from Lightroom, about 29k files. Took hours. Was ok with that, and Catalog seemed all to be in good order as I scrolled thru it and its functions. Backed the catalog up when closing.

Tried to open it next day and it crashed. Backup also crashed. Looking online, it looks like C1 needs smaller catalogs. So scratch C1 for me.


I don't know that DxOmark's ratings/analysis are scientifically sound because I've never seen them do a statistically valid Measurements Systems Analysis.

And until they do, no one else really does, either.

Mostly out of curiosity I did a quick evaluation of the Capture One Pro and DXO Photo Lab. DXO did a wonderful job with implementing the Nik Upoint tech. It feels quite intuitive to use. Capture One has a slightly steeper learning curve for me, but it's good too. Still not ready to give up Lightroom/Photoshop, but if I had to, I'd likely go with DXO Photo Lab (and maybe spend $50 on Affinity for Photoshop type adjustments).

Macphun's Luminar sealed the deal for me against using/needing anything branded 'Adobe'...

I'm also exploring giving up the Adobe tax and have found Capture One to be an incredibly capable, but not overly intuitive program. (There are great tutorials out there though).
I installed it alongside LR and simply go back and forth between them. I find I like the results of Capture One processing a bit more than results I get with Lightroom, even though I'm extremely adept at Lightroom processing.
I process by feel, so my comparisons are in no way scientific. YMMV.
BTW, don't compare Capture One to Photoshop. Compare it to Lightroom. A better app to compare against Photoshop would be Affinity Photo.
For the price it's got to be one of the best photo software values out there. I find myself using it more and more in place of Photoshop and it supports all of the plugins I use.
So far, with the results I'm seeing, I think a Capture One/Affinity Photo workflow is probably in my future.

I understand people being miffed with Adobe’s licensing. But I think it’s a tremendous bargain as long as the products don’t wander far. I’m happy to pay it once annually and just forget it. I’ve had a full license to C1 Pro since it was introduced. Has wonderful features that have improved over the years. But they’re features that are best left to assistants editing PhaseOne files for a commercial photographer. And the cataloging system is relatively new...and shows it.

Re: the DXO X1D rating, hilarious! So it’s now the “Senior Executive Managing Director” of cameradom.

Re: the da Vinci, I’ve long been especially intrigued by art forgery and provenance validation. It’s a very special interest of mine. I read everything I can find on it. Yes, I know this piece has been given the thumbs-up by all parties. But virtually every major discovered forgery passed such an inspection by the best experts of the day. And most also started as newly discovered / newly remembered pieces. Just sayin’. 😏. I think I’ll just buy a Peter Lik to cover that plaster crack in my hallway.

Nice round-up again this week, Mike. I can tell it’s lots of work for you!

Aloha from Hawaii! 🏝 Have a good weekend everyone!

[I actually don't think it's a real Leonardo. I've been looking at Leonardo since I was a kid and it just doesn't feel quite right to me. I also think it has a few too many telltales...like the curls in the hair. Things that are Leonardo-ish that you'd put in if you wanted to reassure people that it was a Leonardo. But if the experts say it is, then it is, and what does anyone care about my opinion? --Mike]

As for the X1-D Dx0mark rating..
No it was not the first to get a 100, it was the first PUBLISHED 100. The Pentax 645Z hit 101 but Dx0mark just decided to "not publish" its findings on the 645Z.
Please do not pass on fake news.

[I know about that, but if DxO never published a number for the 645Z, and the D850 is 100, then how can the XD1 not be the first published score over 100? QED. --Mike]

For less that $1.000.00 you can buy a ready to shoot Leica 1 (converted to Standard lens mount) and a 5cm f/3.5 nickel plated Elmar from the same dealer that William Fagan of Macfilos got his Leica.

Because #cameradoesntmatter, I've considered replacing my 1935 Leica IIIa with a non-rangefinder Leica! like the one above. The only problem I see is being mobbed by photo enthusiasts wanting to look at my new Fuji Pro 8-)

Now that I'm retired I have Affinity Photo 1.6, Pixelmator 3.7, Athentech LUCID which is being replaced with Athentech's standalone Perfectly Clear Complete. AFAIK my former retoucher still uses Adobe CCComplete—why wouldn't she? I don't do DAM, no need to, I use my own file system. From reading blogs, fora, etc it seems like most people shoot more in a week that I have shot in 60+ years. BTW I don't do cloud storage ...yet

After a somewhat obsessive search for an Aperture replacement, I narrowed it down to Capture One and DxO. I found them both to be quite capable programs, although doing different things. Capture One's learning curve was a little more daunting and, since I don't do a whole lot of post processing, I ended up using DxO Elite. This has worked really well for me but I'd have to say you would probably want something like Affinity if you do a lot post work. The recent add-on of Nik technology is a step forward, but DxO Photo Lab as it's now know is not a full replacement for Photoshop. OTOH, if you want a really great Raw developer and have less need for post, then DxO PhotoLab is great alternative (unless you use Fuji).

Thank you for the Friday Around the Web! Love this.

DxO has updated DxO Optics Pro to DxO Photo Lab. As another reader mentioned DxO has incorporated the Nik U Point technology, and it would be pretty cool if they also added the Nik collection as a plug-in as well. Here's the link:


I used Capture One before going to LR 2 all those years ago. I have been trying it again over the last month, and although it is hard to relearn, I like the processing and results much more than LR. I expect I will use the final stand alone LR 6 together with Capture One 10...or 11. The only advantage of LR I see now is a better catalog and asset management system and price for the now never to be updated stand alone version.

I have also been trying some of the other alternatives---Luminar, ON1, DxO, but Capture One works much better for me.

I use 4 software processors and use them all depending on what I'm trying to achieve.

In no particular order:

DxO Optics Pro: great noise reduction, geometry correction and exports directly to Facebook and Flickr. Not so good with recovering highlights and no local adjustments. No cataloging facility.

Capture One Pro: excellent highlight and shadow recovery, local adjustments in layers, cataloging and/or sessions (I have 46,000 images in one catalogue...yes I know!). Deals with my Canon Raw files much better than DxO colour-wise.

On1 PhotoRAW: a very capable Photoshop alternative.

Picture Window Pro 7: an oldie but a goodie now free. Jonathan Sachs its developer is now working on a new version. I cut my post processing teeth on this as it hides nothing from you...no under the bonnet (hood) stuff.

I never read George Bernard Shaw, but his remark on photographers being like cods is spot on.

Shortly after you mentioned it, Mike, and because you mentioned it, I purchased Affinity Photo, and I've been using it ever since. The one thing it's lacking versus Capture One, which I was using previously, is image management. Admittedly, that's a bit of a pain, but I somehow get by. For everything else, I've found Affinity Photo to be a true pleasure every time I use it. Truly intuitive, with (nearly) everything I want, and nothing I don't. The fact it's just $49, including lifetime upgrades, is fantastic. Affinity Photo definitely stands on its own merits, and I love using it -- but the fact it's not Adobe is, I confess, an additional point of great satisfaction.

"It's been causing a lot of excitement among people who thrill to the news of large sums of money being spent, because it's the last Leonardo in private hands and is expected to sell for approximately the GNP of a small, impoverished African nation."

Until they find the next one.


I have been becoming increasingly unhappy with Lightroom and particulaly Adobe over the last three years. Ever since the whole CC thing launched. It's clear that Adobe has completely lost any sense of customer-centricity and they've become the classic corporation, very internally-focused, emphasizing record profits while completely forgetting about what really matters: providing value to to customers. Just like Apple of late. I'm pretty close to telling Adobe to go f*ck themselves.

Capture One 10 has become REALLY good, and ironically enough, faster for DAM functionality than Adobe LR (though that is not saying much for the last 3 years). I'll grant that their catalog functionaltiy and stability leave something to be desired, but their Fuji X-Trans RAW conversion has always been excellent, and *nobody* does skin tones like C1. Their B&W conversions have also become really excellent, and their keystoning correction is the best in the biz. The only issue I have with Phase One is they need to be able to make the fonts in the interface larger and easier tor read (they are ridiculously small) and they tend to have a rather passive aggressive sensibility about certain things (like not supporting any MF format cameras other than Phase One cameras; this comes across as a willingness to cut their nose off to spite their face that I simply do not understand).

Also, Skylum (aka MacPhun) is scheduled to do big things in 2018, once they launch DAM support, they are really going to get a lot of migration from folks presently using Adobe, and the product is VERY affordable, they are very customer-centric and release meaningful revs on a regular basis. These guys have been on a white hot run streak, and virtually none of the pros I know that use their products have anything negative to say about them. Definitely THE company to keep an eye on for 2018.

Bob Marley was a great one for eating donuts. He liked them wi' jam in. : )

I absolutely hate the idea of software suscription and will abandon LR as soon as my perpetual copy doesn't support my cameras. I also own Capture One Pro 10 and the results are great but... the fact that they refuse to include an Edit History is out of my comprehension.

I also archive my pictures using the file system but a good DAM helps search and analyse you work; just don't import the originals to the catalog. Buying Media Pro together with Capture One makes Phase One combo too expensive.

The DXO rating for the Hasselblad is fairly meaningless as they haven't tested many MF cameras. I know that there's not many out there but what about the Fuji GFX 50?

Thanks Mike for the web roundup. I enjoyed it all.

half of the xkcd comic is hidden in the alternate text. hover over the comic for additional commentary.

I refuse to rent software from Adobe. I think what they have done is abusive and disrespectful of their customers. I have CS6 and still use it occasionally for tweaks, but I use two other programs for most of my work:

1. I discovered ACDSee in the last century and have used and loved it ever since. I tested Lightroom and could not see any reason to switch to it. I'm now using ACDSee Ultimate 10. It is great for organizing my photos and also has some editing tools that work better for me than anything in Photoshop. And it works with my file system...none of that obnoxious importing required.

2. DxO Optics Pro. This is my RAW processor. When I first got it I did a lot of tweaking to the automatic conversion that it does. I soon learned that I was just screwing things up. The auto conversion usually produces an excellent file that I can then tweak at bit in ACDSee or Photoshop. Pretty much the only adjustment I make in DxO to most files is to increase the highlight priority when it is needed.

I can upgrade these programs when I want to and when it fits my budget, not when Adobe decides it wants to disrupt my workflow. I'm glad to see that there are so many alternatives to Adobe and I have to say, I wish Adobe ill and hope they suffer the effects of treating their long-time users so shabbily.

It will be Luminar for me, but next year after they add the asset manager. I read through a review and watched a video of the newest version of Luminar, now available for Windows, and it looks like a winner. As I recall, the review I read suggested it will be able convert LR catalogs, another positive for me.

What a post! I thought of plenty of comments I should make along the way but by the time I reached the end, I couldn't remember any of them. Good Sunday read. Thanks.

I'm lovin' these Friday posts.
They are a "Weekly Reader" of the photographic diversity that drew me to TOP, and put it first on my daily list of self indulgence.

You know, Adobe software is widely pirated. The cc versions are no different. If you want to use it for free, you can. Ethical choice is yours.

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