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Tuesday, 03 October 2017


Would color film and Foveon sensors be better served by microscopically non-APO lenses, being that the light-sensitive layers are at microscopically different depths?

How did we ever manage to take color photographs (on film) for decades without APO lenses? Serious question!

I can tell you that Goerz Red-Dot Artars were certainly sharp for product photographers, I would say sharper than almost any other lens. They were sharper than my Schneiders, and slightly sharper than my Nikkors, at least for product photography, at product photography distances. They were "APO", hand assembled, but also "set" for sharpest focus not at 1:1, but at various distances depending on the focal length. I once looked at the specs for the version of the 8.25" I had, it was dead-perfect for the magnification of shooting a coffee maker onto 4X5!

Most view camera lenses were set for infinity focus, hence part of the Red-Dots sharpness was based on the fact that they were set for closer distances. I get the impression, that the "APO"-ness of the lenses were also based on their prime magnification setting, i.e., maybe an "APO" Red-Dot, wouldn't be quite so "APO" at infinity, as it was at 1:5 / 5:1!

Digital be damned, I still have decent Red-Dots in 8.25, 10.75, and 12, all in Compur shutters!

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