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Monday, 23 October 2017


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Dear Mike Johnston --

She was right. Thank you for sharing your gifts. It makes me feel happy.

[signed] William AB Lewis

Lovely article. I really miss Camera & Darkroom. Sigh.

Well, that was beautiful.

I agree you are a very good writer: I wrote that in an article recently when I mentioned you.

Great story Mike!
But tell us more about being lost and hearing the distant singing.....
were there lilac trees?
did you get a towering feeling?
did people stop and stare?
not that they would have bothered you ;-)

I will take your advice and be brief. That is one of the most evocative pieces of writing about any art that I can remember reading. Thank you.

The world is full of photographers who want to tell us something they think is important. It is nice to see a photographer who just lets us see something, and decide for ourselves.

Always been a fan of 'objective' photography, even if too many adherents of the Dusseldorf school take it a bit too literally sometimes.

That's a lovely piece, with much in it. Discovering Sarah's voice, the postcard from Helen Levitt... I have to ask -- is this the same S that drew you to Keuka Lake?

Mike, thanks for this article. I remember when it first came out and thoroughly enjoyed reading of her. I'm from NYC-The Bronx. Ms. Levitt had and I imagine still has a great eye. Her fotos were of my life and those around me.
I sometimes miss the miserly allotment of 35mm Tri-X film cassettes (36, maybe even 38 or 39 shots). I think today's photographers with digital are missing out on the ZEN of looking and waiting for that one shot.
I also miss that magazine..always went looking for it at the newsstands.
Again Thanks for this look back!!

Just to add to my previous comment... went and looked up Ms. Levitt and found out she passed away in 2009. Quite a long life--born in 1913. Does anybody know anything of her last few years?

Lovely article Mike. Felt a little teary after reading it. Thanks.

Excellent. More like this please!

Oh my, Mike, what truly wonderful writing this is.

I sure hope that postcard is framed and hanging prominently somewhere in TOP World HQ.

Beautifully written.

That’s quite a memento you have there, Mike. Quite a treasure.

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