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Monday, 16 October 2017


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I liked.

Mike, I thought it was the best Friday news update since NTK stopped updating in 2006.

I did. Nice compilation of interesting stuff.

I enjoyed it. I kept coming back to it, exploring more of the links. I would keep those intermittent, so you don't stress out about having to pull them together on a regular schedule.

I did like it. A vote from me for more of the same.

I thought it was pretty great, actually. Thanks!

Yes, I liked it, those are some of my favourites.

I enjoyed the "Around the Web" post. Hope to see more of them, even if it's not every week. And even if they're shorter.

It was fun. I'd like to see you do one of those every so often, but I like your blog mostly for your viewpoints and opinions.

Two thumbs up.

I liked it so much that I clicked on your Amazon link and ordered a Sony 6500 camera just to say thanks (I also want to test IBIS against my Parkinsons)>

Upvote from me. I enjoyed the variety.

Yes on the around the web, my only thought is it could be a bit shorter, too many links to follow all of them.

I did like it.

I think it would be more valuable, and would engage people more in discussion, if at least some of the items were broken out into separate posts; at least the bigger multi-paragraph items. Also that would then cause there to be new content on TOP more often, which would be good.

So Did You Like... ...The "Around the Web" post on Friday?

Yes, very much.

Good curator - you should use him or her again ;-)

[It's one of my staffers who doesn't show up for work too often, guy named Mike Johnston. --Mike]

Yep, liked it a lot. Brings things into my focus that I'd never otherwise see. A public service!

I like it. I like the longer form posts, too. The mix of short to long is healthy; stretches the reader commitment muscles. Depth and breadth in one shop.

Yes, I liked it! In fact, I sent the link to a friend because she's a Rivendell bike rider. She messaged back that she "went down the rabbit hole". Good stuff.

I liked it so much I clicked on the B&H announcement and ordered an iPad.
I’m naming it the TOP iPad.

Very Much! It seems the way to go the days you don't do a "normal" post.

I liked it, thanks.

For example I put Audrey on my page, and many appreciated it.

Yes! Me like!

Enjoyed the breadth and depth of the items. More, please.

Mike, yes, I enjoyed Friday’s post. Please write more of those. Thank you.

Yes, I liked it. More would be welcome. And while I'm here, I'll put in a request for more darkroom technique posts. I think years ago you did one on how to read a negative or a contact sheet that I would really benefit from reading again. Now that I think about it, maybe it was learning to read the difference between over/under exposed and over/under developed. Anyway, anything you have to offer on this sort of stuff is welcome by me.

I enjoyed it. There were plenty of links with plenty of things to read over the weekend.

The internet is a big place, appreciate someone looking out for the good stuff! Liked it and read a number of the items linked to so two thumbs up from me.



Yes, I really enjoyed it. More of that please.

I enjoyed it but thought after reading it, man that must have been a lot of work to edit compile and post! I think once a month would be sufficient.

I liked it and look forward to more.

The news on the new McArthur Fellow was an appropriate addition, along with the insight on what made his approach distinguished; Hepburn brought back wistful memories; never knew Bond was such an airgun fan; I keep thinking of my legacy, but I am unwilling to believe anyone will look through my hard drive for photos 80 years hence. I hope all Fridays will be as remarkable.

A year ago I found this blog, because I was interested in photographic issues. I enjoyed reading of experiences of people in the filmdays, in their darkrooms, the stories of professionals, the stories of all these great photographers of the old days, the demise of Kodak, etc, etc. It was all new to me. Even Ansell Adams was a new name for me.
All very wothwhile reading. Nice also that it can be found in one spot.
After one year, I lose interest in all these matters. I am not a gear nerd, nor a frantic obsessive photo man.
But I keep coming back to this blog, hoping to find subjects and links, like last week.
I was deeply moved by the german poem.
Where on the internet one can find this fascinating combination of subjects?

In other words: I like it

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