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Tuesday, 03 October 2017


My wife and I did a self-drive tour around Iceland in June of 2016. It is everything people say about it, and often more, jaw-dropping at times. We drove counter-clockwise starting and ending in Reykjavik, with our basic itinerary and overnight stays arranged by the good people at www.nordicvisitor.com

So many places to visit on our list, but this is one we'll go back to.

Iceland actually does not have much wildlife. Arctic fox is about it. Beyond that are puffins, whales and an eagle or 2. Landscape,yes;great scenes abound.

I must agree with Ken Tanaka. To me the site is overwhelming, it is difficult to see. What I could see was wonderful.

"Iceland actually does not have much wildlife"

Don't forget the reindeer and a number of migrating birds!

But @ james wilson: ravens, swans (many dozens flocking together along the eastern beaches), eider duck, lots of seabirds of several kinds, as I recollect, and I'm no expert.

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