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Thursday, 12 October 2017


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Ah, nostalgia! In my darkroom days, I used an Omega, with neg carriers from half frame 35 to 4x5. Really don't miss the mess of liquid processing at all. I wonder who (perhaps except an opthalmologist} even remembers the Scheimpflug principle? I can't even do the math any more...its been too long. No loss...

Not that anyone should ever buy an enlarger, but there's something magical about an image appearing on paper. Maybe there's some kind of treatment center where you could go to develop and print some pix.

I'm not sure why so many of us find the dreams of others annoying, except that they are largely meaningless, and highly personal, while at the same time a "real" and vivid experience for the dreamer, so the dreamer is enthusiastic and hasn't taken the time to edit. There's probably an art to dream telling, like any kind of story telling. Most of us are bad at it.

I used to have cooking dreams when I was a cook, and teaching dreams when I was a teacher. Then there were nuclear holocaust dreams as a kid in the seventies, but also good dreams where I could fly if I just concentrated on it.

Speaking of film, I just ordered a fixed up Pentax ZX5 for very little that I'm looking forward to. Not sure why, just a sudden urge that popped up when I saw a good deal. I bet there is some kind of logarithmic function that could accurately correlate time on the internet with irrational purchases.

I have an old Bogen enlarger I will sell you -- a flimsy metal contraption. It will help to realize your dream nicely.

I live in the upstate of South Carolina. We get snow and ice events once or twice a year. It is certainly nothing like other areas of the country, but enough to surprise most anyone with how much we have to account for it at work. We basically have 50 acres of concrete that have to stay open 24/7 for transportation logistics purposes. Even just an inch of snow will result in piles of cleared snow taller than cars that hang around for a week or two. Try buying snow plows in South Carolina. It is guaranteed that you will get some incredulous replies.


I am sure I won't be the first to say, I have an enlarger with three different heads and lenses that I would love to donate to the TOP Darkroom project. If it was not such a long drive (from Phoenix), I would even deliver it to you.

“I dreamed I was shopping for a Durst enlarger...outdoors, in South Carolina, in the snow.” That’s about where I’d expect to find one.

You don't want that one. You want the spare Durst 138S I have in my garage. Which I have because after restoring it I found an even better one that came with coated condensers, a huge amount of other darkroom stuff I also wanted, all for a very low price. So now I have two 138S enlargers, neither of which will wear out in my lifetime. And they're too hard to ship to make it worth my time.

Wake up and smell the Hypo LOL

Psychopath 😊😊

What would Freud say about dreaming of enlargers?

I always thought the Durst and Kaiser enlargers were close cousins. Never played with a Kaiser so I don't know how close but the superficial resemblance is uncanny. Sen me one and i'll run it through it's paces and then donate it to our school.

I'm too late, I guess. I have a Durst enlarger I bought in Singapore in 1969 that I really liked but will never use again... don't know the model without climbing up on a ladder to get to it.

I was going to offer it to you ,Mike, but it sounds like you can get a lot of enlargers already.

Anyone else? I will ship!

Thanks! I was cleaning up ( well at least I started to) my computer work area- couldn't find the scanner anymore and came across an old Freestyle catalog. Saved it of course ( actually saved everything I found, of course)- I thought they were out of business! Glad to know they are still there!
My Omega DIIV is still set up in my darkroom. You may come use it, fitted with a Zone VI variable contrast head! However you will have to "clean" you way to it!

A lovely dream, well told. I've had a fairly vivid dream life, but can't remember any involving photography. Odd that.

Well I live in SC and I have a DeVere 45. So there.

Some of my dreams feature a "Greek chorus" that comments on the dream while its in progress. One I had a while back didn't get good reviews. "Who writes this stuff?" is one I remember.

What would Freud say about dreaming of enlargers?

Something about projection...

If it arrives and it's all bendy, or covered in mushrooms, you're still asleep and dreaming.

What would Freud say about dreaming of enlargers?
How did this miss featured comments?

Weird I should read this today. I had a dream last night that while travelling to Japan to try to discover the true reason for my (ficticious) brother's disappearance, I finished a roll of film in his camera and dicovered a little place that did all sorts of film processing and supplies really cheaply. This allowed me to rekindle my film love. No further mention of the brother, just another casualty of a fragmented dreamscape.

Still have a Durst F30 gifted to me 6 years ago. About ready to lay a slab of plywood across the washer and dryer, hang up a safelight and drag out the expired Ilford MGIV.
It's getting to be winter, that must be the reason.

Fortunately for everyone, I rarely remember my dreams, unless I wake up during one. The last time I remember that happening, I was in the middle of losing a hand-to-hand fight with a zombie Margaret Thatcher. Go on, analyse that!

As for enlargers, had I the money and space for a darkroom, I would probably go for the best (worst?) of both worlds...

Condos and darkrooms don't mix well. Everything is packed in boxes in the garage. Remind me, again, why I hauled everything to Alaska?

My darkroom dream (recurrent) is that I find a used 8x10 enlarger for pennies, set it up and use it to make 2x enlarged 16x20 proof sheets.

An actual dream, which I've had a few times, well into the digital age and 20 years after I last used a darkroom. It's a dream from which I wake, quite happy.

Mike, I'm afraid your dream means God doesn't love you and you're not going get into heaven.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Dreaming is cheaper than buying.

Which is of course, why we buy camera magazines focusing on gear and why dpreview exists ...

Cheers, Pak

Langston Hughes: "In dreams begin responsibilities"
David Vestal: "Do your work".

Great post. It made me smile.

Behold the power of a search engine and a slow day at work.

Freud as Philosopher: Metapsychology After Lacan - By Richard Boothby - Section - The Dream's Solution

...Oneiric consciousness fuses a massive quantity of psychical material into the body. The term chosen by Freud to name this fusional process--Verdichtung, or condensation--is an interesting one as it connotes not only the process by which something is thickened and gathered, as water droplets coalesce from vapor, but also the process by which light is focused into a concentrated beam, as the condenser of a photographic enlarger. Freud compares the process to the production of an image in a telescope. Somewhere in the arrangement of lenses, a new and unique entity--an image--is brought into being...

I personally think your dream may just be a cross between a farm equipment auction and a habanero Chimichanga.

Next time when I want to describe how much I like something I'll use the word 'lugubrious'

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