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Tuesday, 31 October 2017


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Please tell more about that lovely structure out back!

[It's a 2 1/2 car, 2-story garage. Built by Woodtex in Himrod NY, a company owned by two Amish brothers. It's modular, built indoors at their factory and unfolded on the site, but it's very stoutly built--the house inspector had lots of nice things to say about it. It was installed by the two people who restored my house. They were the ones who found the old iron wheels, too! --Mike]

Mike, I realize the Halloween image and the one of the car interior from your previous post are radically different on many levels. I must say one is looking like film and one is looking perhaps a tad over processed ? I realize it is all personal taste but the car looks sterile, synthetic, not real or should I say totally digital. The Halloween image just looks real to me and this is what I am struggling with lately the non film look of most digital images, after all digital should still look photographic.....right?

On Halloween...

A couple of nights ago I overtook a big lorry. I glanced in my mirror to check it was safe to pull in, and saw two large headlights, and an illuminated grill below. It looked like a skull.
Another row of lights on the top of the cab made the top edge.

I did some shopping for my old Dad, and picked up a couple of tins of Quality Street choccy sweets for the trick or treaters. The kids where my Dad lives visit each house several times. They combine and recombine into different little gangs, and swop masks and bits of costume with other kids.

They pretend they're a different lot of trick or treaters, and my Dad and his neighbours pretend not to notice. : )

No photos from me about the above, but I did go out to the Zombie Pub Crawl in nearby Stony Stratford and got some good shots. I followed David Hobby's advice on The Strobist and used a warming gel on the main (off camera) light, and a cooling gel on the (camera flash) fill. As he says, doing this stops it looking like flash. Makes all the difference.

Happy Halloween, Mike. Nice to see all the kids out and about. Bill Wheeler

To me, it looks like a ghost in white on the garage wall. Phil

"So, what camera did you use to make that picture?" ;-)

All joshing aside, nice season, nice light, nice photo, nice car and even nicer home!

I didn't know your ILX was silver. Looks great.

Happy Halloween!

Love the warm light in this photo, specially once enlarged!

Now I see two hands (paws??) reaching down from the tree!

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